Snappn : Way to Know Your App Better

by Feb 20, 20130 comments

Genre : Utilities
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Snappn
Rating : 4.5
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Today, it seems to us that our work has finally been recognized in front of our eyes and we’re coming to know the importance we bear to an application user. As you all know, we are working to give you the best of the knowledge about an app before you download it. It saves both your precious time as well as money in case it’s a paid app. You might have seen many reviews on the app page itself but they are not as convincing and true as they should be. Most of them are just a formality or in some cases in exchange of some points from the developer. So, it is better if you can have a look at third party neutral reviews on your phone on the go. So, just open Snappn on your phone and check it out.

We are talking about the recently release iOS app, Snappn that has been developed by Snappn. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 5.1 or later version of the OS. The app has also been optimized for iPhone 5. This app serves a very different purpose that just struck our minds the way we take a first look at this one. It was something which we wish we could take out in the market. But still, we are happy that something like this comes finally.

The app works like a rating website for all the apps. It actually takes some of the reviews about an app from the popular websites such as CNN, MacLife, AppSafari, etc. and calculates an average of all the scores and the net score is termed the “Snappn Score” out of 100. The app developer has taken out a refined product out of a series of unfinished products. We all know that there are 3rd party reviews available on the web but then no one has the time for that. So, it’s better if you can just take a look at all the trustworthy ratings at once.

Other than the rating, you can also see the description, screenshots, videos and reviews related to the app. The videos are either uploaded by other users or the developer from different sources on the web. The reviews contain the individual ratings from different sites so that if you prefer one over the others, you may get its separate view as well. Tap on any individual rating and you will be redirected to the full review from that source.

The UI of the app is well organized. You can either explore all the apps that are new, popular, recent or you may search yourself. If you just want to look at the ratings, you may do it freely. But if you want to contribute to the app by rating any app yourself or adding a comment, you need to first login with your Facebook, Twitter or email account. You can also share any app with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. The price tag of the app takes you to the iTunes link of the app to buy it. So, why go anywhere else when everything is here!

The app is available for free in the App Store and is a must download for any user who uses apps (of course, everyone does). Highly recommended!

Pros: very profitable for users; intuitive UI; simple to use; integration of social networking websites; free.

Cons: some apps don’t get featured on any popular websites but still are good; they might get missed here.

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