SOLO Launcher- Make your smartphone solely yours

by Jul 1, 20140 comments

Platform : Android
Developer : Solo Launcher Team
Rating : 4
Positives : Gesture control and customization options
Negatives : It is not possible to import from other launchers in certain device.

If you are an Android enthusiast, then you sure would have explored a large number of launchers by now. After all, personalizing your smartphone or tablet gives a unique feel indeed. While the Nova and Apex launchers are quite popular, the SOLO Launcher is also making its mark in the genre. It is an Android app that is highly customizable and very smooth to use.


Soon after launching the app, you are run through a brief introduction which sums up all the features of the launcher for you. If you would like to stick to your old settings, you can import them from your previous launcher directly. This does not work for all launchers, especially on devices from certain manufacturers like Sony Xperia series. Following the introduction, you are then taken to the home screen that has certain items from the SOLO Launcher– the weather widget, clock and links to settings and other features.

SOLO launcher has indeed done a splendid job so far as customization is concerned. It offers a lot of functions for free and without any ads, which other launchers in its niche charge a decent amount for. You can customize completely with the themes and also adjust the layout of your home screen with almost complete flexibility. The design of other launchers including ADW, Dodol, GO Launcher EX, Nova, Apex, Buzz and more is also supported by SOLO. Alternately, you can download a funky cool design.


Another splendid feature that this Android app boasts of is gesture control. Some of them are quite fascinating indeed. A double tap anywhere on the phone screen will launch Chrome. To view your recently used app, you have to swipe from top to bottom while a swipe from bottom to top will open your app drawer. These gesture options can be customized too and you can assign gesture controls as you deem comfortable. Not only can you make changes to the app by changing the theme, you can also change individual details like colors, folder icons, backgrounds, app icons and more. There are nine simple gestures in total made from a combination of single and double fingers, rotation, sliding, swiping, etc.


The sheer number of settings options in the app is overwhelming, cited at about 300 by the developers. You can hide apps, define groups among the app drawers, place multiple pages in your dock and more. Alongside these, there are over 5000 fonts, screen locks, wallpapers, themes and more that the app has to offer. You do not need any expertise to handle all these controls. The clear menus make them simple and easy to handle.

The most delightful part of this app is that it is completely free of cost. Despite its exemplary options, settings features and diversity, it still does not charge anything of the users. Although it has so many features and options, it still has good speed and performance. Most people like customizing their iOS devices to the fullest extent. If you are among them and would like to experience a unique launcher, then SOLO Launcher is just what you need.

Good: Gesture control and customization options

Bad: It is not possible to import from other launchers on certain devices.

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