Sorus Shield Strategy Game App Review

by Jan 17, 20160 comments

Genre : Games
Platform :
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, concept
Negatives : none

Sorus Shield is an iphone or ipad supported game that is specifically about the alien taking control over the whole universe and what only stops them is the spaceship Sorus. This game is full of story and it is being evoked on the appstore page. It has more than 100 missions together with an arcade mode, but the most of the missions are likely to be ignored; its objectives are similar as you have to clear block stages before moving to the next level. It also has a music that can be entertaining or boring depending on you. Its touch screen works somewhat well.


When playing the game, tap the screen to switch the position of the block you are touching, scroll down to rescue one block for the next block, scroll up to release the block downwards. This works well enough, though there are moments you may lose the game because at times it may not register your swipes. Some strategies are included to clear the stage; remaining blocks may drop and fill the space for the potential chain action. You will be enjoyed by filling the grid nearly in most cases and erasing it after a wonderfully placed block begins having a domino outcome.


Sorus Shield is full of fun and enjoyment because it is more of action and needs a critical thought for you when playing the game. Its task is to disband all minefields. However, when you will be challenged by this game the evil strategies of the aliens will continue. The aliens in this case are the enemies of the universe and their objective is to take over the universe by use of light mines. There you are provided with a big ship Sorus which ia a big space ship that has the ability to attack and destroy the mines. Doing so, you have to place the mines in a filled line. The only line of defense protecting the universe from the aliens is the Sorus Shield. Though this game may look basic, it is absolutely a fun to enjoy.

The game has two game styles which are the Mission and Arcade. If you are bored with one particular game mode you simply switch to the next. This game is refreshed unusually by the invariable changes that are usually present in the tasks made and the varying impediments.

Pros of Sorus Shield:
.All properties in it are placed neatly and usually placed in straight lines making it presentable.
. It has no flashy bangs together with explosions. This makes it a wonderful game that will keep you focused on the games main objective that is simply to rescue the universe from being destructed by the aliens.

Cons of Sorus Shield:
. Its price is much higher when you compare to its graphics.

Final Verdict of Sorus Shield Game App:
Sorus Shield is a game full of fun and enjoyment that makes individuals attracted and play the game for a longer time, it is an interesting game to play but its price and graphics reduces the chances of it being one of the best game apps.

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