Space Ball – Specially for Basket Ball Freaks

by Oct 2, 20120 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : Android
Developer : Dreo
Rating : 4
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‘Space Ball’ – The name itself tells you all. If you are a long-legged basket ball freak whose only dream is to watch an NBA final, then this is the game for you. Yes, it is virtual but much more satisfying than the real world in which action and momentum are lesser than that of the virtual world. Space Ball from Dreo is more of n adventure set in outer space where you are either playing inside a space shuttle or in front of an alien audience. The set up consists of a three pointer drawing over which three levels of hoops keeps scrolling, either from left to right or right to left.

Here your dream, of just shooting at the hoops without playing offense or defense, comes true. The higher hoop you shoot, higher the points. Also there are some special featured hoops that bring extra points that test our talent of shooting at targets. There are totally four modes in all – Classic, TNT, Timed, and Ultimate. Completion of each level is indicated by a star bar on the left that increases as we shoot the loops. And as if that is not enough, we can even slam dunk as in a real dunk! It is the perfect game to play in case you want to vent out your frustration or de-stress. Why not? It’s a free app. Classic mode is the standard mode in which you are allotted a certain amount of time within which you need to complete the level with maximum points. TNT mode offers you three lives within which you need to accumulate maximum points. Also the backboards catch fire when you hit any TNT board and fetch you extra points. Ultimate mode is the most difficult where even these backboards turn hostile and immobilize you for a few seconds.

What the game really lacks in is strategy playing. It is not a sophisticated multi-player game that may be both its weakness as well as its strength. Its strength lies in the fact that it will not get you addicted to it thus not interrupting your day-to-day life. But it is a lot of fun as it presents you with smooth and sophisticated graphics that interacts with you and wholly entertains you.

It requires just 2.2 and above versions of Android and is a touch screen game. We need to touch and drag to aim after which we shoot at the hoops. Space Ball allows us to save our games and continue at our will and wish which enables the app to save to / from the memory. It also accesses the internet and hence the updates prompting us to install updates.

Space Ball is an innovative effort by Dreo, the app developer, who is known for his other novel apps like Fruit Bird. It gives a new dimension to Basket Ball and is one of the sports app that is gaining more momentum in popularity. Basket Ball in a never before avatar and that’s Space Ball for you!

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