Space Barriers- Interactive Puzzle Game

by Jun 8, 20160 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Norcron
Rating : 4
Positives : graphics, UI, fun
Negatives : none

Who does not like playing puzzles? When a puzzle is interactive and available on your iphone, the joy doubles! I decided to give Space barriers puzzle game a try. The game is so addictive and entertaining that I ended up spending hours playing it! The game has the main goal of trying to get a ball into a particular place. I played the game on my iPhone. I had accidentally downloaded it while searching for something else on iTunes. But I am glad, I tried it.
The experience of navigating the ball through the puzzle into the goal and making points is so exciting. The game allows you to use your fingers to navigate the screen and guide the ball into the goal.


The game is ideal for you if you want to enhance your concentration skills to focus on a particular strategy and achieve an important objective. The very process of navigating the game screen and devising strategies to lead the ball to the goal make one focused and de-stressed. The achievement of doing so makes one feel confident. As you progress to higher game levels, the complexities increase and so do the rewards. The game has a total of 100 different levels to attain and they start from easier to complex ones. You can spend hours solving each of these puzzles and trust me, you will enjoy the experience every time. The game is ideal for adults as well as kids. So next time your kids ask you to let them play a mobile game, try space barriers. They will enjoy the game and its complexity. Engaging in solving such brainstorming puzzles will help your kids sharpen their analytical and logical skills and be smarter than the lot.

If compatibility with a mobile device is your concern, you will be happy to learn that Space Barriers is compatible with iOS 7.0 and its later versions on iPhone, iPad and iTouch. The game’s first version has been released on May 19, 2016 with a space size of 77.3 MB. The size is in proportion with the 100 exciting levels which the users need to conquer in order to prove their intelligence.

Overall, Space Barriers is a great choice over other mobile games which take one into a fascinating world of extra-stellar objects and virtual world. Space barriers can help you sharpen your thinking skills and lets you focus your mind on a single objective – make the ball reach its goal. There are no dragons or monsters to fight, and no cruelty or harsh tactics involved. This is important as it helps you keep your mind refreshed and connected with the real world. You can simply enjoy the experience of cracking each level, much like you play basket-ball game. You will see a remarkable change in your concentration power and a feeling of great contentment when you succeed at each game level.
It was my third time with the game, and my last session lasted about 2 hours of continuous game play. This is extraordinary for people like me who hardly play any mobile game for so long. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try!

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