Speed PRO+ : Speedometer For You

by Mar 1, 20150 comments

Genre : Navigation
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Mother Tucker LLC
Rating : 5
Positives : UI, Screens, Route tracking, GPS
Negatives : none

Speed Pro+ is a iOS and a Universal GPS based speedometer application with saved routes and lots of many other features. Featured in the Apple’s new and noteworthy list, this essential application is actually a great and a feature loaded application designed to work with both the iPad and with iPhone. This application will allow you to save and to organize your routes either by using your vehicle or simply by tracking your own movements. This application actually offers lots of options that will let you customize your experience such as customizing the theme or mirroring the display to your windshield as well as to changing your distance units to mention just but a few. In fact, speed PRO+ is currently the best speedometer that will be of every motor vehicle owners desire.


With this application installed in your device, one will definitely be rearing to go and to start tracking their routes. It is designed in such a way that it has so many useful and amazing features that ranges from its main screen that has all your vital information such as current speed and the average speed, altitude and time as well as the top speed. These are features that will always vary automatically depending on the decline or incline of your speed and of course how frequently you stop. After you have completed your route tap on the capture button on the bottom of the screen , it will then allow you to save the route and thereafter share the image or simply to share the kml.


In addition, these application also consists of numerous other features that ranges from a GPS and an activity tracking option , a track database that is based locally or in the iCloud. It also allows for track editing that lets you to trim off some of the unwanted portions in your saved tracks not to mention the fact that It features some background updates with location options that allows this application to execute in the background.With this application installed in your iPad or on your iPhone you will simply be able to pause or resume tracking by just tapping on the speedometer while the auto pause/resume options will either allow you to keep the application paused when you are stopped and the auto pause at option will allow you to control the speed at which the application auto pauses and then resumes.


Furthermore, this application has some other features such as an oriental lock options, reset confirmation options and the capability to navigate back to the camera with a left or a right swipe.Similarly, you can as well share things such as maps and speedometer snapshot online as well as on your social media websites like in face books to twitter as wel as in drop box and so on. Moreover, some of the added features include things such as the ability to share current route KML via the VK, in application mail, Dropbox. It has an altitude source options like the MapQuest, USGS not to mention features like portrait and landscape orientation support, a camera background options that is able to show live feeds of your speedometer. Other features here also imclude a Mirroring option for HUD and windshield, units options, background updates in kilometers and in miles. It is characterized with a GPS accuracy feature option, a background updates location option that lets your app to be able to execute in the background. Further, this application also has in built color themes and custom themes that will allow you to select your speedometer colors using a color picker.

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