Spinning Darts League

by Jun 23, 20200 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4
Positives : A darts game with a twist!
Negatives :

Over years, darts have long been the topic of many debates owing to whether it is a sport or not. While many people feel that dart throwing is just one among the indoor activities like snooker, many hailed it as a sporty pastime. Dart throwing has become a competitive game where you hit the bull’s eye. While playing dart, it strives to focus on the improvement of a person’s agility owing to the fact that the app requires players to think and act fast. When struck the dart at the bull’s eye, it boosts your confidence level.

‘Spinning Darts League’ is a mobile phone based application that is a dart game which you can play with your friends.

Developed by:

Spinning Darts League’ app is designed and developed by Gamesome Interactive LLP.

How the app works:

Download and install the ‘Spinning Darts League’ app on to your smart phone or other suitable devices. Now launch the app on your phone and start playing. Aim the dart at the screen and flick to throw the dart at the target. Decrement the number of the board to an exact zero and finish the set to collect points. If you finish the set with minimal number of darts as possible, you win higher points. If the player fires multiple shots at the same time at the bull’s eye, the points awarded will be higher. You can also finish the set using an electric dart which will multiply your points.

Features of the app:

Spinning Darts League’ has many cool features that are listed here.

  • Compete against real time players
  • Earn trophies
  • Challenge people all around the world
  • Join tournaments conducted in the game with other players

Compatible with:

Spinning Darts League’ works on all iOS devices.