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About the App

Sports Tracker is one of the useful applications available in Android market with lot of pro features integrated to it for free of cost. Sport Tracking Technologies Ltd, has designed this application in a more interactive and commutable way.  At the first use of this application you need to input your details and you can setup the workout you desire to continue. When next time you open this application, the home screen displays a brief overview of your details and statistics about your previous workouts.


This application allows you to communicate with your friends who have this application on their android devices. You can exchange your workout information with your friends and keep them updated about your latest milestones. Even this application gives you complete access to view the workouts of your friends, their latest photo updates, their tips and tricks and other suggestions. You can also comment on your friend’s workouts by visiting their profile. This app can be easily linked with your Facebook profile and you can even get workout updates from your Facebook friends when they start tracking their workouts.

Easy Start

This application has very simple user interface, you can just start tracking your workouts by selecting the ‘start new workout’ option, which will allow you to select a type of activity you would like to perform. Just select the activities like walking, cycling, Mountain biking, hiking, Roller Skating, Downhill skiing, etc. and set the auto pause option on. The auto pause option will automatically detect your pause sessions and gives accurate tracking information. Continue to the next option will lead you to the actual tracking menu where you have a GPS enhanced map feature which will locate you and keep track of your workouts. Just begin your workout and click the start button, which tacks every move of your speed and manipulates accurate statistics.

Handful of Info…

You have other more detailed information like calories burned so far and energy consumed so far. You have option to take your snap on the go by clicking the camera symbol integrated within the app and you can share it with your friends through Facebook, twitter and in-app network links. It has a workout diary where you have a history record of all your workouts with which you can compare your progress. You can connect through your Sports tracker friends and comment on their activities on the go. You can make a map of your friend locations by using the map button. It can be integrated with a heartbeat tracker through Bluetooth and you can keep track of your heartbeat also during the workout process. This is the best ever free app which gives more options to track and maintain your health.

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