SportStreet : Make Your Sport world Compact

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Platform : iPad | iPhone
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Are you a sports enthusiast who loves more than one form of sports? Are you always eager to know updates about your favorite sport stars and what they are doing in their personal lives? The best way to do that is to search the web numerous times in the day or check the tweets of your favorite sports players by logging in to all your social networking accounts. Does it seem to be tiring and time consuming. Yes, it is, but with SportStreet By SPORT STREET INC you can access all news about sports and access all the sports related social media in one place.

SportStreet is an iTunes app available for free and can be installed in your iDevices. The app provides real time update of tweets and any other social media activity by your favorite team or players. Here you can see the tweets; updates and all news related to sports and this include all major sports. The app also lets you know about the breaking news, schedules of play and all sorts of information that a sport lover is eager to get updated with. The app also allows you watch videos posted by other members, post videos and comment on anything that you want. This is a complete social app connected to all social networks and loaded with features.


  • SportStreet is a fun app for sports lover with all sorts of sports update that is done on social networks.
  • The app provides live update and real time results. So you will be the first to know the news.
  • The app lets you upload photo and videos that would be visible to other members. You can also see the photos and videos uploaded by other.
  • The app allows the user to comment and share the information visible in the app.
  • You can check into games and app that are being viewed by others.
  • The app is not only available on iTunes, but also on mobile web and web world.
  • There are new Facebook features updated in the recent version of the app.
  • There are separate category for pictures, wall, scores, video and leader board which will make your sorting process short.
  • You can enlist your teams in the app and you will get regular updates regarding them, through it.
  • For iTunes users, the app requires iOS 5.0 or later and it takes around 7.3 MB space on your device.
  • The current version of app is 1.2.9 and it is available for free.

Summary: SportStreet is the ultimate app for sport lovers who would love to stay updated about every happening in the sports world and would love to know what is going on in the lives of their favorite stars and their teams. This is a free app that provides unlimited scope of communication to all the users.

Good: The app makes the sport world a compact place and it is available free of cost.

Bad: The app is a compact one with not much cons in it.

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