Start :Pleasing Lock Screen App

by Nov 16, 20150 comments

Platform : Android
Developer : celltick
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, easy to use
Negatives : none

For any phone, the absolute best part of the equation is the lock screen. After all, is it not the one single phone aspect that is seen the most? It goes without say that the lock screen has to be pleasing to the eye and up to the task. There is therefore no reason why we should not make it sizzle with great functionality, or an aesthetically pleasing exterior? Well, you can have both features with Start, the ideal android phone lock screen.


Start from celltick turns your Lock Screen to a beautiful start screen while making your phone more organized, personalized, private and secured. It will enable you to quickly access your favorite media, apps and contacts– All this in your home screen, without having to unlock your phone!

Concept and functionality.

Start brings most of your phone’s features to the gatekeeper screen instead of having you pass it by. And on the lock screen you will get convenient access to plugins such as Photo Gallery, news, Music, Weather, search, Facebook, Search, etc. By using the drag feature in the center lock, you immediately access a wide number of your favorite apps which can be defined in Start’s settings.


Design and Interface.  

Start is downright gorgeous. With this app, you will be able customize the screen background by installing several premade themes from Google Play or simply using your own background images. And on top of being a good looking and straight forward locks screen app, it allows users to simply and effortlessly edit the layout.


It’s also worth to note that Start runs very fast on android phones compared to most lock screen deviations. Though not conclusive tested, limited research and experience has shown that adding Start to android devices very likely increases their end-game speeds.


Additional Features.

  • Simple Navigation: By a single swipe, you will be able to message, call, take photos, launch apps, browse pictures, listen to music and do much more!
  • Selfie Camera: Taking selfies will never get easier, access the front camera, take selfie pictures and edit them – right from the start screen.
  • Smart Search for contacts and apps on your android device.
  • Start has features that allow for standard web search and voice search.
  • Social Networks: follow up on your social media platforms activity right from the Lock screen.
  • Notifications manager: With the Start lock screen, all important notifications will be right in front of you.
  • Funny Quizzes: Discover yourself with the wide selection of start online quiz games.
  • News Feeds: Get all the latest headlines, read interesting articles and keep
    yourself updated with top international news.
  • Weather Updates: See live weather forecasts and updates with the start built in Weather widget.
  • Apps Shortcut: Access notifications and apps right from the lock screen.


  • Redundant if you the Android’s security features.
  • Should be more responsive.
  • Limited sources of plugins.

Better still, Start will not cost you even a single dime. It is available for download from the Google Play Store. Coupling that with the fact that its developers are dedicated to constantly improving the application via regular updates—there’s no reason at all not to have this app. It’s fast, it’s beautiful and completely free. With this in mind, we cannot adequately recommend Start to you.

Worth Having App – Download the App