Stick Run Mobile : Let the Stickman Keep Running

by Aug 9, 20130 comments

Platform : Android | iPhone
Developer : Nekki GmbH
Rating : 4.5
Positives : Simple gameplay and concept
Negatives : Slightly overpriced

Stick Run, a simple fun action game, has gone viral on Facebook with over 40 million likes and 6 million regular users. This classic game was created by Manuel Otto, a 16 year old student from Germany and is now available on the Android platform as Stick Run Mobile. It challenges players through a side-scrolling game full of exciting levels full of obstacles.

The gameplay of this app is fairly simple. There is a Stickman who is constantly running forward. Tapping the right half of the screen causes the Stickman to jump while tapping its left half causes him to slide. The main aim is to avoid obstacles in your path and run the maximum distance. To earn more points, jump off boxes and keep a lookout for obstacles. These obstacles range from glass panes to rotating saw blades to single crates to crate stacks to. You have to save your Stickman from these lethal obstacles while he continues to run. This 2-thumb control is very convenient and intuitive.


This Android app combines addictive gameplay with simplistic design. The concept too is very simple- see what distance your Stickman can run for without hitting into obstacles on his path. Once you launch the app, you will be prompted to enter your favorite color and name. Then, you will be taken to a main menu where you can switch between multi-player and single-player modes. There are also buttons for “Challenges”, “Coins and Shop”, “SuperSlots”, “Premium Shop” and “Achievements” available on the sides. There is a stats box on the lower left corner where players can track high scores, rounds and levels. These numerous features make the app enjoyable.

As you run, you can see your XP and score on the top left side of your screen. Test how much distance you can cover before you fall. At the end of each round or upon hitting an obstacle, you can view the stats. To socialize, you can challenge friends on GameCenter and post high scores directly on Facebook. The game can get addictive as you try to make better high scores each time.

In single player mode, you can practice running and avoiding obstacles, competing with yourself to create high scores. In multi player mode, you can compete with other players across the globe, playing against a maximum of 3 players at a time. As you earn XP and reach certain scores, you can upgrade your profile to the next level as well. Battling against peers worldwide can get challenging and keep you hooked for hours on end.

You also have the options to customize your game backgrounds, cool hats, power-ups, footwear, skin color and much more. It is indeed an addictive Android app that provides both fun and excitement. Meet newer challenges, track achievements and enjoy running till you die with Stick Run Mobile on your Android device. Developed by Nekki GmbH, this app has a lot to offer, requiring just Android 1.5 or higher. So, let the Stickman get running.

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