Sticker Market: Emoji Keyboard -Review

by Jun 8, 20170 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Sticker Market Inc
Rating : 4
Positives : easy to use, UI, concept
Negatives : none

The Emoji Keyboard is a great alternative for people who do not want to use the regular keypads on their iPhones and iPads. In order to use this keyboard, you’ll need to grant complete access to the keyboard to access your device. Following that, it will show up on your keyboard. A personalized keyboard such as this is an enjoyable a great way to spice up typing on your device because of its many features. It works very much as with any other keyboard if you don’t need those additional fun features. It’s a digital keyboard that’s very small when compared with the actual keyboard of iPhones/Pads. But the most significant issue is, this keyboard is suitable for your style.


Besides, you just can’t beat having the capability to talk about your Live Photos with anyone without needing to download a different app. You might also get a bigger view of any GIF to make certain you’ve selected the best one. You may use particular effects also to make your own face emojis and share with your friends and family. The Bubble effects also affect the whole screen though. Skin is currently shown, yet this emoji still does not have any skin tone support. Of course that you have, since there’s nothing new under sunlight, and history repeats itself.

It’s possible to even select different kinds of templates to liven up your conversation. You may use these templates to make your own Emoji. In fact, these stickers are split between different categories. There are both, free in addition to paid stickers.

The icons and the trendy layout makes it increasingly creative and tasteful. The interactive menu appears similar to the Like button employed by Facebook. Under the keyboard settings, you’ll discover some overall keyboard options which you can adjust to your taste. The app is extremely easy to use.


One of the numerous benefits of a customized keyboard is the fact it is usable with all the applications that need that user to make use of a keyboard input. The sticker market consists of millions of funny and wonderful GIFs. It is essential to understand that developers of this application will require access on the device for the app to function optimally, hence you need to grant total accessibility in order to work. It is simply one of the numerous the developers of the application can provide new functionality and boost user engagement outside the conventional app atmosphere.

As a users of this keyboard, you have the opportunity to pick a thumbnail image and maybe even chat whilst streaming. Users in most of cases will need to grant complete access for the keyboard to access their device. The app has a fairly straightforward interface. This is among the optimal/optimally if not the highest quality phone high quality app out there… But the deficiency of security features and other known issue make this very good app become the ideal out there. When there are applications which use artificial intelligence in the store, there aren’t any chatbots as yet, or perhaps they’re simply not called chatbots. The app is readily available free of charge in the iTunes Store. In terms of iGIF Keyboard, it is a free app with a few in-app purchases.

So if you need a fantastic Emoji Keyboard, here you got it; there’s no point looking further.

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