Storganeyes – Effective organization of Storage Spaces

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Genre : Utilities
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : 5 Spot Inc
Rating : 4.3
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Most of us have difficulty in remembering simple things that we may have to do on a day to day basis. We spend even hours searching for just a small object. Humans generally tend to misplace things or have trouble in remembering where we have placed some item for that matter. We search for our keys, our photo albums, summer or winter clothes, our seasonal decorations and many more to add on to the list. Wouldn’t it be easy if there was an easier way to locate the misplaced items?  Storganeyes is your answer. Storganeyes is a mobile app that helps in organizing your residential storage. This app has been developed and launched by 5 Spot Inc for the iPhone and iPad users. The app requires iOS 4.0 or later versions.

In simple words, Storganeyes tells you where everything is stored; it makes organizing fun and an effortless task. You can keep track of everything in your home and make your life much simpler! This app prevents you from spending your precious time sweating and wasting when you search in your attics, garages and basements. It helps to meet the organizational needs of almost everyone. Storganeyes is the best storage app which offers a convenient way to organize your home.


Storing and Organizing of Items:

Storganeyes helps the users to organize their storage space within their attic, garage, basement and other storage areas.  The users can find four sections in the home screen of the app where they can add the storage areas such as Attic, Garage, Basement and also other additional storage places. The users can get started by clicking on the area where they are going to store their items. The next step is to select the layout of the room. The users can then add the items by creating their own bins for storage and optionally they can also add images which will help them to identify what is stored within them. The users can place multiple items within the bins; this also allows them to organize similar items together in the same place. The users have to drop the selected items in the layout which is selected in the exact locations within the square and then finalize the same.  After adding an item the screen will be shifted to the home screen where the users can add more items.

Retrieving of Items:

Storganeyes helps the users to search for their items with the search area feature where the users can locate the item by name. When a user enters a single letter, it will list all the possible name suggestions along with their locations.  After selecting the particular item, the user will be taken to the layout screen where the selected item is distinguished with the red pin.


Storganeyes app is the best way to organize your storage spaces and it does help you stay productive at all times. This app can be downloaded for just $0.99 from the App Store.

Good – Helps to organize storage in an effortless manner.

Bad – The presentation of the app can be improved.

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