Stylish Horoscopes- Define Your Own Future Style

by Feb 14, 20140 comments

Genre : Lifestyle
Platform : Android
Developer : Droid Experiment
Rating : 4
Positives : Horoscopes for 6 days in advance
Negatives : none

Android phones and tablets are the in thing today. Almost every second person owns one of the two and his heart and soul resides in it. We rely on our Android devices for everything- gaming, horoscopes, news and much more. To cater to these, there are a number of niche-specific apps that have monopolized the markets. Stylish horoscope is one of these apps.

Anyone who has used Stylish Horoscope will surely recommend it to you. The elegant, classy and neat design of this app is adapted to suit the requirements of Android. It is compatible with Android version 2.2 or higher and is a mere 2.7MB in size. Unlike most other horoscope apps, this one is not fraudulent. It involves expert astrologists, each of whom has over fifteen years of expertise in this field. Accessing your daily horoscopes could not have been made easier.

You can see into your future with this app. Users can avail of their horoscopes for the next 6 days and also see the horoscope of the previous day. If you wish to compare the horoscopes of many people, then this app facilitates the same by allowing you to define several people and displaying their horoscopes on a single screen simultaneously. So, your app is not limited to your future alone but helps you peek into the futures of friends too. Besides, it helps you calculate your sign as well.


Not only does this app do what it does efficiently, it also has good integration with social media including Twitter and Facebook. Sharing on these networks requires a single button click only. Stylish Horoscope comes in multiple languages so that language is not a restraining medium in any case. The basic idea is that maximum number of people must be able to use the app and benefit from it. This is achieved with the features of the app.

Downloading the app is an extremely simple process. All the functions work to perfect efficacy. The developers have done a fabulous job with this app indeed. The app is well adapted even for the tablet with a neat user interface and text size adjustment as per the dimensions of your string. It is just as good on the tablet screen as on the mobile screen. The availability and compatibility of this app on various devices has been looked into and taken good care of.

With a neat and clean user interface that is user-friendly and intuitive, finding your horoscope in a stylish way has been brought to ground level. With the help of experts, you can see what will become of you in the near future. The future is no longer hidden from you but is available right in front of your eyes on your Android device just a few clicks away.

The results of this app and its features make give it an edge over the other apps in its niche. While there are other horoscope apps, none functions as well and is as well rounded as Stylish horoscope. All of this for free that too!


Good: Horoscopes for 6 days in advance

Bad: None

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