Sudo Battery Android App Review

by Aug 15, 20170 comments

Genre : Tools
Platform : Android
Developer : Sudo Inc
Rating : 4
Positives : easy to use, UI
Negatives : none

Are you looking for the appropriate solution for battery saving and fast charging of your smartphone? You are right it’s not the problem of you only. Most of the smartphone users are seeking a great solution for the longer lasting of the battery life for using the phone spontaneously. By considering this, Sudo battery saver android apps can solve your problem and can double the battery life. You can ask, why Sudo battery saver app? Sudo battery saver can do all the task for increasing the daily battery life of your smart phone. At the same time, it will support you for charging quickly, and it will work as the battery doctor of your phone.

Special features of Sudo battery app: Sudo app has some cool features, and you can check it before using it. You will realize why it’s the best battery saver apps in the play store. Let’s check it.

Monitoring the battery life: You can control all the apps which are wasting your battery, and you can uninstall it quickly by pressing force stop from here. Optimize the apps and increase battery life instantly: If you don’t want to uninstall the apps, then you can optimize the apps for improving the battery life on the spot, and it’s really cool features than any other battery saver apps in the play store. Cool your phone: Some apps increase the temperature of your smart phone. This amazing app can scan it. It will optimize the apps and reduces the heat right away.Special tips for increasing battery life: Sudo app will provide you tips for increasing the battery life. You can easily check it and can apply it for using the smart phone effortlessly. Cleaning the junk files: If you run your phone for a long time, it will create huge junk files, and you can clean the junk files by optimizing with Sudo app.

Why Sudo app is the best solution for battery saving: Most of the apps in the play store for battery saving can harm you than saving your battery life. When some so called apps are optimizing the screen resolution or removing junk files only, Sudo app can do a lot more for the good battery life of your phone. Actually, optimizing and uninstalling the unnecessary apps with one click from the dashboard has made the app more functional than a simple one. If you see the cooling features or monitoring the battery life of the app, it will seem as like battery doctor. Important to realize, it’s providing alerts for battery saving mode which can be the perfect solution for staying on the safe side. On the other hand, you can charge your phone fastly in the special safe mode. It can protect your battery for longer lasting. If you want to get battery info and lasting prediction with more data, Sudo device info provides more than your phone.

Above all, you can ask is it possible to get this premium features in a free app? I can assure you, Sudo Battery app is free, and you can use it for any purposes. Surprisingly the app will work for both offline and online mode, and you will get the regular update with new features and reliable functionality.

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