Sugar Crush, a Candy Saga: The Sweetest Game on Store

by Apr 4, 20140 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : Android
Developer : TapGames
Rating : 4.5
Positives : No Facebook spamming is required and you get unlimited lives
Negatives : none

The sweet taste of candies and the cool taste of chocolates can be now experienced on your android phone. With so many candy games available on the store, it is hard to determine which one will give you the right taste of victory with its visuals, game play and more. However, Sugar Crush HD, A candy Saga scores high in the list and you can surely enjoy the graphics and sound of the game without paying a bit. It is a free game on the store with beautiful candy graphics and easy game play. There is no Facebook scamming required in the fast moving game made by tapgames, so you can enjoy it to the limit.


The special feature of Sugar Crush HD, A Candy Saga is that you don’t ever go out of lives in the game. You are not going to beg to your friends for life and you have unlimited playing option. There are four episodes in the game till now and more than 216 levels are there in the game. It is a simple three candy matching game where more candies will mean more points. You just need to switch the adjacent candies and make a row or column of three or more countries and enjoy the Boom. It does not require saying that the difficulty is going to increase with each of the level. The candies are present on the screen in different shapes, and you are not going to get bored of them. Apart from that, there is a candy shop where you can purchase boosts.



  • Sugar crush, a candy saga is a three matching game with general rules and regulations. You need to change places of the adjacent candies to match three or more and create boom.
  • The game consists of four episodes which more than 216 levels.
  • There is an option to skip level which will allow you to skip a difficult level.
  • There is unlimited free access to all the levels.
  • You have unlimited lives to play the game.
  • The visual of the game is in HD and it is quite good to look at.
  • Super sweets are incorporated in the game.
  • There is no requirement of Facebook connection in the game. The game is available in the play store for android users for free. Apart from that you can download the game on iPad and iPhone.
  • Lolly and Poppy are candy shop owners who sell boosts and additional sweets.
  • The points are required to go a level up, the soon you get points the soon you get the level ups.
  • The music matches properly with the game.
  • The app is available for android 2.3.3 or later and the version 1.2.5 takes around 23 MB space on the device you download.


Summary: Sugar Crush, A Candy Saga is a popular three matching game with beautiful graphics and numerous options. This game is available for free.

Good: No Facebook spamming is required and you get unlimited lives.

Bad: The game has been loved by all and nothing bad is reported.

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