Super Notepad: Compact Personal Assistant !

by Apr 27, 20150 comments

Genre : Utilities
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Iapps Technology
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, easy to use, productive
Negatives : none

This is one of the best note taking apps in the apple app store today. It helps you take notes and organize them according to categories. This app is perfect for meetings, lectures, interviews, conferences, debriefings and so on. With the super note pad, you not only able to store text notes,but also notes with audio or imagery content. This makes the notepad a super powerful tool for creating, editing and retrieving your notes
The app is very,cheap, you only have to 1.29$ you get the following features;

(1). Text notes

The text notes feature allows you to create,edit and delete text notes. These notes can be shared using email and other social media platforms easily. Using this app, you also have the ability to make e-cards and share them with your loved ones too using the social media connectivity features.

(2).Notes with image content.
Create ,save and edit notes by inserting photos from the gallery or taking a new photo using your iphones camera.Retrieve notes in your phones memory, edit them anytime and share notes with your social media contacts. You can also edit the photos to your specifications before inserting them in the notes.


(3).Audio notes
Create and save notes by recording sounds or selecting sounds in your device,you can also share these notes with your social media contacts through email, what’s up and so on. You can also retrieve the notes for future editing or reference. After recording an audio file, the app allows you to edit the unwanted parts before attaching it to the note.

(4). Create, share and edit e-cards
Using the supper note pad, you have the ability to create and share e-cards with your loved ones. You can also save these e-cards for future reference and editing. The e-cards can consist of texts, images or even audio files. They can be used to express ones feelings to their loved ones during important occasions such as birthdays, wedding and so on.

(5). Unlimited choice of input emoji and emoticons.
This app gives you a wide variety of input emoji and emoticons to help you express your feelings without the use of words or pictures. Just some beautiful emojis for every occasion.
6. Social media connectivity
The super note pad has a social media connectivity which allows you to share your creations such as notes, e-cards and so on using social media platforms such as e-mail and so on.

With the beautiful interface and high quality graphics, this apps makes sure that you will never miss out any important information. You also have the ability to take pictures of your important life events and attach notes to them for easy remembrance. This app is a good personal assistant for students, professionals, business men and even freelance writers. It is also cheap and light weight, it will not take much of your phone’s precious storage space. You also have the ability to share your notes with your social media contacts at the touch of a button. The e-cards and the photo editing feature gives the app an extra competitive edge against similar apps since it increases the app functionality.

Worth HAving App – Download the App