SurveyToGo : Meeting All Mobile Survey Needs

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Genre : Utilities
Platform : Web
Developer : Dooblo
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If you are looking for software for managing surveys related to electronic mobiles or Laptop and PDA surveys, you can make use of the Android Survey Application, SurveyToGo, for mobile data collecting purposes.  The Software works by first designing the survey and then saving it to server for synchronization to PDAs or for Laptops for all works related to collecting field data, used by several market research companies.


  • The software is capable of capturing pictures as well as videos and sounds.  A picture is surely worth more than words. You can gather much more than just questions or answers. The app allows users to gather signatures or record voices with videos and pictures and then attach them to the mobile survey.
  • Quota management is integrated in the software.
  • You can track GPS location by using a real time map. This can enable the user to ascertain the exact location of the interview along with the interviewer performing it. As GPS support is available on all Android phones or tablets, the user can obtain visibility of the current activity of interviewers in real time.
  • It contains a state of the art designer that is capable of creating mobile surveys, both simple and complex ones much faster than other tools.
  • The service is cloud based PDA software, so there is no necessity of any other server software. You don’t need to invest in any setups or make changes to the IT infrastructure.
  • Surveys are first designed and then deployed to the devices. Field data can be captured and managed by exporting them to any format of your choice.
  • Important features, such as start and end scripts, questions on calculations, models for scoring, stop watch, looping, piping are the many high end features offered in the design.
  • The app also offers a desktop PDA, so that you can test the mobile surveys from a desktop.
  • You can avail several modes, such as drafting mode, testing mode or a production mode. They can then be accessed later for modification and managing. If you wish, you can also create or establish permissions for multiple groups of users.

The Good

The software is very reliable and is also customizable. It can replace all your pen and paper surveys completely. The software also provides support for several languages along with GPS capturing of locations. Being a cloud hosted service, all you need to do is download the app and then begin by registering your account. The software is much safer and smarter than conventional software used for surveys. Security is guaranteed and there is no complex technology involved.

The Bad

It might take some time to get used to some of the more complex functionalities.


SurveyToGo is an Android app that makes mobile field surveys efficient, without the loss of any data. You can control and manage field surveys on PDAs or the laptop, thus fulfilling all your mobile survey needs. The software supports data collection on Handheld devices for Android and can be downloaded for all Windows, such as Windows XP and Mobile, Vista and & 7 as well as laptops or netbooks. It can be used by your Android phone or an Android tablet along with phones, such as Samsung Galaxy phones and tabs or HTC devices.

Worth Having Application : SurveyToGo