Suti – Virtual Pet Game : Best Entertainer !

by Feb 27, 20160 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Dragon Studio Inc
Rating :
Positives : fun, lovely graphics, sound, suti
Negatives : none

When I first downloaded Suti, I was very curious if it was actually a good game or not. I had heard many good things about the game. But after playing it obsessively for days now, I can definitely say that it is! The fun, cartoonish design and contrasting patterns make the game visually appealing. It also welcomes you with the cutest music! It has an easy, simple introduction guide that isn’t hard to follow. In fact, I picked up the game and how it’s played within seconds. There are so many fun things to do, too!


I haven’t been bored with this game for one single minute since I’ve downloaded it and I am constantly picking my phone back up to check on my little Suti. You can dress up your Suti, take care of it, feed it, share it with your friends, and decorate too! There is literally so much to do! In no time you will be so attached to watching your little Suti. My absolute favorite thing is the way my Suti looks at me when it’s tired and time for it to go to bed. There are also tons of mini-games included in case you want to let your pet Suti rest for a little bit. There is also an amazing amount of options for designs.


You can make your Suti reflect your individual style and that is so awesome. You can make it a cowboy, a princess, a fairy… whatever you want! You can also name it anything you want and even pick where it was born! Unlike a lot of pet care-taking games, Suti will actually talk to you once in a while as well. It makes adorable little noises. The more you interact with Suti, the more coins you earn, and more things you can design and decorate with become available! The options are endless! It’s also nice because the mini-game selection has a wide variety of things to do. The games aren’t limited to tic tac toe and memory squares. No matter what mood you’re in, the game provides some thing for you to do. It’s also very easy to navigate right from the start.


I had no trouble locating the mini-games, toys, and room decorations. I haven’t been this impressed with the ease of a game in a while. I only wish there were more games in the app store like this! It is great for children and adults. Take it from me! I’m 22 and I love this game so much. I baby my Suti carefully on a day to day basis to ensure that it stays healthy and clean and happy. I play this game in the mornings, on my lunch breaks at work, when I get home, and any other time I get the chance to. After all, I have to make sure my Suti is properly taken care of! It’s like having a mix between a baby and a puppy to take care of- except that you don’t need to clean anything up in real life. I recommend this game to anyone looking for something new and easy to play.

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