SWISH Video ios app review

by Nov 11, 20170 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Ignisoft Limited
Rating : 4
Positives : collection, simple, UI
Negatives :

The app is compatible with iphone, ipad and the ipod touch. The SWISH Video app is helpful in creating of playlists based on the interests of the customers. Hey are the personalised playlists with the finest videos of the world. There are various videos offered in the app and the videos are served one after the other one. The videos are very popular and the trending videos on the Internet and is just available for the customers. The app has a library consisting of 5000 world’s best videos.

Categories of videos:

The videos have been segregated into various categories such as funny videos, Action videos, fashion videos, sports videos, movies, songs videos, romantic videos and many more. In each of these categories twelve videos have been settled. There is a personalised playlists of the video and foe each and every user. There is a learning of the machine algorithms that screened the best videos before uploaded on the site.

Downloading of SWISH Video app:

The downloading of the swish video app is completely free. Few but good ratings have been given to the application. Based on the ratings and the reviews given by the users you can download the app and if like this app please give good rating to the app. The functions of the app are based on the latest technology that provides the best ever videos to the clients. The clients able to save their time and without minutes they are with the videos they require.

Pros of the app:

§ It is a very less time consuming app

§ Within seconds, it finds you the best quality videos

§ Exploration to 12 categories which are amazing

§ Discovery of the best videos in a single app

§ Own personalised playlists

Cons of the app:

§ Many other application similar to this are also available

§ To unlock the superpowers of swish there is a need of level up

§ Sometimes the videos are not exactly what we want

§ The search of videos are sometimes beyond of 12 categories

§ High storage and memory

Final verdict of the app:

The app is very beneficial and useful and it has a collection of 5000 best videos in the library. It saves a large amount of the precious and the valuable time of the client which a client would have expended on and about the searching about the concerned in the different types of videos. With the help of this app we can have our own library with the different types of  videos of our choice. We can share some favourite and good videos with our friends and relatives. The app is the best combination of the innovation and the perfect blend of the captivation. It has the potential to be a player in the market on one day. The app has also some rewards, which are the super powers of the swish that can be unlocked by doing the required level up by the customers. At last, I want to say that it is an amazing app. Please downloads this app once and use it. I assure you that after using this app you wont go for any other app for the search of videos.

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