TagFi – A True Social Networking App

by Apr 15, 20170 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Tagfi Inc
Rating : 4
Positives : concept, UI, easy to use
Negatives : none

Nowadays we have several social networking apps in our phone, like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. Though these apps give us a feel of socializing our busy life, in reality they just create a virtual world where we ‘Think’ we are connected with other people. We can easily spot people sitting in Cafe` using these apps to chat with other people, while drinking their coffee alone. Instead of connecting people together, these apps are doing exactly opposite job. But now there is this unique mobile application, called TagFi, which actually connects people. It brings them together, literally!


The basic aim of this app is to create a group or an event and add people to participate in that event. These events are not like games of online poker or clash of the clans, they are real life events. There is a wide range of events we can create with this app. From a yoga class to a wine tasting tour and from a study group to a night-out party at a pub, we can create any group with this app. We can easily do this with the help of numerous features of this application.

When we install this app we have to sign up and create our own profile, just like any other social networking app. Once we have done that, we are ready to create a group. Creating an activity for a group is very simple, we have to follow some easy steps. Fist of all, you have to choose a primary interest of your group. There are several categories to choose from, like entertainment, sports, lifestyle or the arts, etc. You can find various activities under these categories like wine tasting, golf, yoga or book reading. Once you have chosen the activity for your group, you have to choose the age group of people participating. You can select all ages or specific age group like 18-20. After that, you have to select the capacity of the group anywhere around 3 to 30 people. You can also select ethnicity of the group if you are only comfortable with specific ethnic group. Then you have to choose details about the activity.


For example, you have to choose a  location of your event. Here you have two options, either choose the location from recommended places or you can choose your own location. Next you have to choose the date and time of your activity. Here you can add a title and description of your activity as well as you can add an image or a 10 seconds video about your activity. Finally you have to select the privacy settings of your group. You have three choices over here, you can choose to make your group open to all or requests to join or else you can tag to the invited people only. Once you have done all these steps, you can make group live and that’s it. Your activity is created and group will be formed.There are also other options in this app, for instance, you can see recommendations given to you by the app on the basis of your previous activities, you can also see who invited you and decide whether to join that group or not, additionally you can see activities and groups that you are already part of.

There are some additional features as well like bar-code scanning or location map of events. This app not only helps individuals to find something to do with other people, but also helps businesses to grow their potential customers.In conclusion, this app has ton of features with the very user-friendly UI. Even though there are some disadvantages like sharing your private plans and whereabouts to the public, there are many more advantages as well. Hence I will totally recommend you to checkout TagFi application.

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