Ten Advantages of Mint: Track Expenses and Save App

by May 18, 20220 comments

Genre : Finance
Platform : Android
Developer : intuit
Rating : 4.5
Positives : Tracker App, Expenses Trackers
Negatives : None

Do you want to know how you spend your money? Mint is absolutely a free money management and financial tracking app that connects your bank accounts, credit cards, bills, and investments to show you where you’re spending and where you can save money.

Mint is the best free money manager and financial tracker app that brings all your finances together. You can make a plan. Everything you need to manage your money, from account balances and budget planners to tracking expenses and debt payments, is now in one place.

All of Your Money in One App

  • Keep track of your transactions and account balances.
  • Keep track of your monthly expenses.
  • With our money spending tracker, you can keep track of your spending.
  • Get bill reminders
  • With just one simple tap, you can connect your cash, credit cards, loans, and track investments, among other things.

Monitor Your Cash Flow

Mint is a personal finance manager and bill tracker that allows you to keep track of your expenses, transactions, monthly budgets, account balances, subscriptions, expenses, and taxes. It will calculate your net worth and spending trends and assist you in developing a budget. They help you with subscription management and notify you when prices change.

Better Budgeting, Money Management & Expense Monitoring

With this free budget app, you can make every dollar count. Create an expense budget based on your spending on day one. Mint offers budgeting advice and tips to help you save for your financial goals. Plus, use our budget tracker to keep track of your balances. The app is here to make expense tracking as simple as possible.

Stay Focused On Your Financial Goals

Set personalised financial goals in our budgeting app and receive actionable advice. You can track and celebrate your progress with our money management advice and budget calculator. Mint is your refund tracker, and it checks the status of your refund when you file with Turbotax.

Mint Now Supports Cryptocurrency

If investing in cryptocurrency is part of your financial strategy, you can link your Mint account to see your entire financial portfolio. Binance, Blockfi, Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, GEMINI, Kraken, Paypal, and Robinhood are among the platforms that support it.

Manage Bills like Never Before

Keep track of your bills and financial goals and your account balances. To avoid late fees, set up monthly bill reminders. You can also track your expenses to help you reach your financial goals faster.

Bottom Line

If you’re new to budgeting apps, then Mint is your best free option. The users can access all of the standard budgeting app features and credit monitoring, personalised alerts, and educational tools to help them along the way.