Test Your Musical Knowledge With Track-Quiz

by Aug 17, 20150 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Sven Janning
Rating : 5
Positives : music, easy to use, UI
Negatives : none

Music is the life support for many. We find joy, sorrow, cheer and all sorts of emotions in the music. That is why several musical apps are popular all over the world and I personally like downloading and trying them out. I got to know about the new app named Track-Quiz which is found really interesting. This is a musical quiz where you get to hear songs for 30 seconds and then need to identify them. You get more point when you identify the song faster. It is your chance to test your musical knowledge and increase them too.


The good about the  this app, Track-Quiz is that it is available for free with 50 free rounds. You can download the whole package for $4.99 if you love the game. There are several types of music covered in the app, pop, dance, hip hop, alternative, rock, blues, country and more. New songs are added everyday and that too automatically. You don’t need to update the game everyday, for that. You get three lives to begin the game. Every 10 correct answer will add up to the lives count and you can actually play numerous game without losing.


The game has one more positive point. If you get stuck somewhere or you don’t know the correct answer of the question you can use Joker. The 50:50 joker will reduce the options. There are two more options named Wildcard and 3 life. However, these options are not available for free. You will have to buy them separately. In order to get maximum score, you will have to guess the song fast. In the new level mode of the game, you can play up to 100 levels for free. The game has already become quite popular due to its addictive nature.


The version 5.50 of the game is available for free. It takes around 14.2 MB space on your device and it is available in several languages. IOS 7.0 or later is required for the game. The version 5.50 has direct link to Apple Music.

Good: The app has abundant stock of music.

Bad: There is nothing bad reported about the game yet.

Worth Having App – Download the App