The AirCube Review: Game With An Eludible Ellusion

by Jun 16, 20150 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Jan Fontecilla
Rating : 4.5
Positives : concept, gameplay, screens, UI
Negatives : none

Aircube, is a puzzle game for the iOS operating system, which was developed by Jan Fontecilla. The game was released on 25th April 2015. Aircube is a unique and fun simulation game. The app can be downloaded from App store for free. The game has been optimized for iPhone 5, 6 and iPhone 6 plus. Interestingly the game is also offered on Apple watch.


From my perspective, Aircube is an inorganic combination of Tetris and Rubic’s cube. The game offers you a de-structured cube, which you have to unravel the puzzle and make it to the original shape. Similarly to the original cube which is made up of separate pieces to make up the cube, the fragments have been put out on their own and they are glued randomly placed on each others top, obtruding outside. Your task is to position each piece and fill the vacant spaces but should be made in the least number.


Theoretically this sounds pretty easy, right? But the game experience is hostile and survival is not guaranteed.

A unique feature of AirCube is that the mobile game is 3D, after selecting the box to move; you will have to rotate the cube and position it in one of the empty spaces. However, the rotation is made complex due to spatial parallax. At higher levels the game, the boxes are so scattered making it a headache to confine your imagination on a defined coordinates. The number of moves keeps on reducing on the rise to the 60 next levels of the game.

The game prides of high-end graphics with unique and awesome precision giving you a wonderful view when playing. The game has an attractive user interface, meaning easy navigation through the game. The user face of the game giving it an appealing looks, which you can play for hours.


The game has an engineer illusion view to the world; the game will give you a view of watching the world from engineer’s glasses. The optical illusion and the 3D game scope make the game starring in its uniqueness by looking at things in a complete horizon view

The game has 60 levels to unravel the puzzles and arrange the boxes while rising in the scale of the players. The neat, calculated and accurate user interface pushes this game to the edge. The joy and fun of the game is shining in each level as you unravel the puzzle. You will initially not realize the tactics when you meet the 3×3 cube, the game will then look like fantasy, but after several consecutive failed attempts to get the perplexing mystery frustration sets in, but that’s the fun and joy in the app.

The game is about giving the columns and rows twists, making the irreversible moves while being keen to utilize the few chances to move available for you at each level. The game has no room for any wrong move. Each move, flip, rotation, and shift should be calculated to gain the maximum. After making the move, interestingly you cannot identify the reverse way, any available route nor opportunity for each move. Success is in finding the center of the puzzle and putting all the pieces together at the right place and with the shortest number of moves.

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