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Genre :
Platform : Web
Developer : The Spoke
Rating : 4
Positives : simple, UI
Negatives :

Did you see the ratings of the last movie on the Internet before watching it in the theatre, home or online? Is it important for you to know about the movie or any other shows which you’re going to watch later? Well, whatever your opinion is, I always take the opinions of other people who’ve watched the movie or see the ratings of movies. However, you cannot always trust them until you watch the shows. Likewise, you cannot judge a dish by its color, it’s necessary to eat it after getting positive reviews from other people. So there is a software application for you where you can search for movies, watch them and add to your list and also search for restaurants nearby your location. It’s called The Spoke. 

To begin with the Spoke, you need to Sign Up on its official website or you can also Sign In using Facebook or create simply an account with it. It takes only a few seconds to get started on the app and you can use it further. The Spoke helps you to figure out what’s trending in the market, what to do next such as movies, dining and nightlife. You can check out latest movies, top picks from friends, or lists to save for later. The Spoke offers you advanced filtering option where you can filter by a variety of streaming and delivery sources, genres such action, thriller, etc., cuisines, and even release year of the movies.

On the homepage of the app you’ll see a lot of things such as movies which includes all the genres, the release year of the movie, ratings, likes given by the people, etc. You can see them by scrolling and rate the movies which you’ve watched. Similarly, you can see the ratings given by other people or your friends, add them in your list if you’ve not watched them. Moreover, you can see the PVRs nearby your location, if you are willing to watch a movie. 

Your search results will be based on the people your trust, instead of a skewed algorithm and paid pushes that most other search engines and apps have! The Spoke basically digitizes the best recommendation process- word of mouth- in a digestible way, and injects authenticity into the mix. It means that the process of discovering movies and other things is totally genuine. Instead of millions of anonymous users, The Spoke gives preference to your friends, weighting their likes and dislikes more heavily than those of randoms. 

The most amazing thing which I liked about the app is that you can invite your friends because you can search results based on the people you trust, not an algorithm. Overall, The Spoke is a must have tool for the people seeking for such an opportunity and who are fond of watching a variety of shows and dining out as well.

Pros: find what to do next, accurate results, not based on algorithm; provides true results; tracks your location; easy to use; connects with Facebook; invite your friends;

Cons: The app is only available to the people living in the US only.

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