The Story of Barker – A Mysterious Detective Story

by Nov 4, 20220 comments

Genre : Books
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Logic.Cool OU
Rating : 4.6
Positives :
Negatives :
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Key Aspects of The Story of Barker App Game

This place is freezing and wet! Where are my clothes? Who am I? Why can’t I remember my name?” A mysterious detective story set on an abandoned ship that comes to an unexpected conclusion. You must figure out what happened to the main character and complete numerous puzzles and tasks. Unforgettable adventures await you along the way. Genuinely, people grew up playing a wide range of games, so when popular genres are depicted, they can’t help but want to check it out, which is precisely what happened with The Story of Barker app game. If users wish for a unique game to plunge into this weekend, this game will not disappoint. If you’re a big fan of adventure games, it is a must-see this holiday season. The game is pretty enjoyable once you get the hang of the fascinating things.

Final Words

The Story of Barker app game is a humongous fun time killer that people are returning to in leisure time, and it’s one we recommend checking out if you’re looking to untangle while also having a complex challenge. However, I am surprised by the game’s difficulty; the gameplay is more of a skill test.