The Ultimate Guide to My Fave Places + Podz App

by Jul 1, 20220 comments

Platform : Android | iPad | iPhone
Developer : My Fave Places LLC
Rating : 5
Positives : This feature helps locate a location in an unfamiliar area.
Negatives : Nothing

People find many quality apps in various genres, and nothing beats the rewarding satisfaction people get when they finally figure out the correct app solution, even if it takes some time for a while.

When I saw My Fave Places + Podz App developed by My Fave Places LLC on the App Store and Play Store, I was drawn to it because it actively involved several salient features, but it was also unlike anything I’d used before. Needless to say, much thought has gone into how the app’s quality features will look.

It is enumerated that My Fave Places + Podz is the quality app for saving, planning, sharing, and being inspired, as well as chatting and connecting with friends and accessing excellent creator lifestyle content all in one place.

More qualitatively thanks to MFP’s clean A-Z list format, colour-coded categories and pins, chat, car service links, maps, and notes, you’ll have the information you need quickly. Make a list of places you’ve been, liked, or want to visit. Connecting with friends, family, clients, and influencers allows you to learn about your friends, families, and influencers’ favourite places.

The free My Fave Places app adeptly saves and organizes all your favourite places into alphabetical order with folders, transforming it into a more powerful version of your phone’s contact list. It’s more convenient and faster than scrolling through an infinite number of images.

Important Features of My Fave Places + Podz App

Smart filter

Refine your search for nearby locations by using the Categories filter. Do you want a cup of coffee? MFP will display the closest cafes within walking distance. Other categories include bars, restaurants, attractions, lodging, travel, sports, spas, and children’s activities.

Quick search

Using your phone’s geo-location, the MFP app can locate nearby locations and search for locations further away.


This feature helps locate a location in an unfamiliar area.


You have the option of making saved locations or categories visible only to you and invisible to Followers. Individual followers can also be blocked. They do not sell your personal information.

It is illustrated that the visitors are always welcome; you can browse the MFP app and save up to 5 locations before registering. You have real-time messaging with friends, family, and colleagues via 1:1 and group chat. It is possible to sort your locations, and MFP will save your favourites in an A-Z and Category list. Also, you can add personal notes to each location, such as a favourite waiter or table, or share recommendations. Even the URLs and emojis are allowed. There are connections to car services like Uber.

Moreover, you can come across maps, directions, and colour-coded map pins. Primarily you can share recommended places with friends via Email, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, text message, and private in-app messaging. Also, you can visit Podz for in-depth analyses of recommended locations and events. View your top five most connected friends’ connections and globally applicable.

Do You Want To Be Inspired, Or Do You Want To Inspire Others? Look Into Podz.

You can pragmatically use Podz for a deeper dive or to promote your expertise if you’re a reader, foodie, traveller, blogger, planner, creator, or someone who is frequently asked for respective recommendations. Or look into others. Podz lets you read blogs and reviews, watch videos, get a fitness workout, learn a makeup tutorial, and get entertainment, city, and travel guides, among other things. By joining or hosting a group chat, you can become a creator.

Final Words

Whatever global users are into, it is just downright satisfying to experience this new app, namely My Fave Places + Podz, developed by My Fave Places LLC. I was really drawn; not only did it feature many things, but useful for everyone. What’s not to adore about this app’s features?