TicToe Fury – A Reinvented Master App of Tic Tac Toe

by Oct 7, 20121 comment

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : wOzy
Rating : 5
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The old school game tic-tac-toe rushes a lot of childhood memories to the front of our mind. A simple instance like having won a game of tic-tac-toe, with filling-up-the-corners trick, against your best friend, may have been one of your ecstatic memories. But now you probably do not entertain any thoughts of playing this game. It is this nostalgia that wOzy, the developers of TicToe Fury, want to change. Presenting to you, TicToe Fury, which is a remake of the classic Tic-Tac-Toe into a highly strategized game. It is a combination of Sudoku grid and the tic-tac-toe game.

TicToe Fury consists of nine squares that are further subdivided in to nine squares in each square which we will be calling a grid. Just like a Sudoku grid. Tic-tac-toe is played in each of the nine grids. In order to win this game, a player must win three of the grids that too in either a row or a column or a diagonal. Just like the game we know. The new interesting rule, that yanks you big time, is that if you are playing the middle grid and in your next turn you put an X or O in the top-left grid, the other player must too play his/her game in the top-left grid. Hence it really is up to you to strategize your moves and make sure your opponent does not predict your next move. If you are playing in the offense mode, you definitely need to finish your game, before your opponent does. Though playing the defense mode is more fun where you try to ruin the winning chances of your opponent.

When I downloaded this game, I was surprised to find different modes like multiplayer. In single you spar with the intelligent computer algorithm. In multiplayer mode, we can have both online and offline game sessions. This app has a great tutorial that actually takes you through the rules with the help of a live example. The whole app has got a neat look and presentation that includes various themes including that of a personal organizer book. Each player gets to choose their own colors of pen-ink with which they can play. What really hits me in the gut is how such a simple children’s game has been remodeled into a multi-player strategy game that really gets you addicted. The basic idea is genius which when combined with sophisticated app development techniques, results in an uncommon ‘TicToe Fury’ worthy of being included in the ‘Apple’ family.

It is downloadable in iPad, iPhone and iTouch with iOS of 5.1 and above. The other notable features are the app updates that have happened like uninterrupted online play, the resolved message box and reset statistics. Having been originally introduced on iPad, this game interface has been specifically redesigned for the smaller iPhone along with the zoom-in facility called the assisted touch. The online multi-player session can be connected via Game Center where there are 30 levels to be achieved. The achievement quotient derived from TicToe Fury is much more that the $1.99 we spend on installing it. So try it out to think it out!

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