Time Drop – Puzzle Game with Challenges

by Apr 13, 20160 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : faktor zwei GmbH
Rating : 4
Positives : graphics, puzzles, fun
Negatives : None

Time drop refers to a gaming app mainly designed and developed for android devices built on a puzzle idea, where you have to match paint drops that are same in color, but at the same time avoid any obstacles found in the various challenges in the game. Some of these obstacles include rocks, water, or even oil spills with increasing challenge in every level you go, hence requiring you to be very careful as you advance in the game. You can be able to collect paint cans by simply solving puzzles which in turn enable you to advance to the next level. It involves the characters Jean-Louis and a quirky cat, Betsy.



If you love or admire puzzle games that involve challenges, then the Time drop may be just the appropriate game for you. This is because it is built on the puzzle idea with challenges on each stage, hence keeping you active and engaged in the game as you play it. It comes equipped with various fantastic and exciting features that enable it to do that such as;
– More than 100 levels: It is equipped with plenty of levels such that you cannot be bored easily but yet be involved to the game even as you enjoy and get to learn from the puzzles.
– Ability to save progress for resuming play easily: Whichever progress of the game that you are at, whenever you want to save progress, you can easily be able to do so, such that you do not have to start from the very beginning of the game everytime that you want to play.
– Fast, fun as well as addictive: The game is fast, comes equipped with fun and addictive at the same time since it involves various things such as challenges and puzzles.
– Ability to start in the big bang era and finish in the present: Using this game, you can be able to start in the old era of the big-bang and still finish in the present through the levels.


How it Works
In this game, you simply need to know how to match the paint drops and at the same time avoiding challenges or obstacles in the challenges that you pass through, such as rocks, water, or even oil spills, which may affect your matching activity. As you solve the puzzles, you will also be able to collect paint cans along the way which enable you to advance through the levels, which enable you to move through time.


– Fun and fast
– Entertaining as well as involving through the puzzles and challenges involved in the game
– You cannot get bored with the game easily
– Ability to save progress to resume later
– Free to use

– It is quite addictive
– Only compatible on iOS 8.0 or later

The ‘Time drop- colorful time travel magic bejeweled game is definitely the game that you should look out for if you own an iPhone or iPad and a fan of adventure and puzzle or mind boggling games. This is because of the challenges as well as puzzles involved in the game as you progress through the levels. It is also fun packed and does not come with any cost. Try it today for the best entertainment and fun experience!

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