Tiny Tank Combat – Enjoy Retro Style Shooting

by Nov 2, 20120 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : hadi pintarto
Rating : 4
Positives :
Negatives :


Are you tired if memory and strategy game? Are you looking for familiar games to kill time? Do you require a game that soothes and comforts you leaving you in your comfort zone? Tiny Tank Combat is the latest game on the block. It is a classic game that has an interface in a retro style where the player is running through rugged terrain dodging bullets from the enemy and at the same time trying to shoot them down. This game puts you on a high alert mode while increasing your defense tactics.

Tiny Tank Combat is a free game brought to your door step by Hadi Pintarto and AppStore for all those people reminiscing about ‘gaming those days’ and wanting to bring back the classic video gaming on their new smart phones.

Functional Highlights

  • An aerial view game play where the gamer is able to see the whole terrain along with the other hostile features of the game
  • Provision of on board Vulcan cannons, the one and only weapon of the tiny tank. The graphical development of this tank and enemy tanks is a milestone in itself since it is built on new technology
  • There is 100% transparency and clarity in the goal of this game and the way it is played. The simple concept is that if you don’t develop fast reflexes and react, then you will be shot
  • Weapon upgrades are available as well as levels get progressively difficult
  • Although the game style is classic, the military scenarios and the weaponry available in this game are extensively researched ones
  • This game comes with an auto target feature that can be conveniently changed with a tap of your finger. There are also other various features fire power, tank speed and health status of the tank that needs to be considered while playing
  • It requires iOS 4 and above


This game is an outstandingly addictive game that can interest intelligent and not so intelligent players. It caters to the primitive instinct of survival of the fittest. Also this game is a multi player online game that makes it even more interesting. Its intelligence level is internally modified as per the players’ skill.


This game makes you feel very 1990’s especially for those of you that may always be on the lookout for latest technology apps. After a certain point in time this game might start getting repetitive. Though there are changes like level upgrades and weapons upgrade, the same old terrain and game play may not catch your interest for a long time.


Tiny Tank Combat is an energetic, new age, classic game that can hook you for hours together. Whether you are on the go or stuck in traffic, this retro game is the one to up your spirits by its sheer simplicity. For best results, try out this game on your iPad (for its maximum screen area) though iPhone or iTouch is not a bad choice either. So don’t miss out on this retro gaming and get it installed on your phone for your primitive gaming sense.

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