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Platform : Android | iPad | iPhone
Developer : MaGlobe Inc.
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, graphics, fun
Negatives :

A Smartphone acts as a boon or a bane for people just because it all depends on the way it is being used, and up to what extent! If we consider the present situation in the world right now, what is your opinion? I think that technology has saved so many lives. Yes, people are surviving because of this technology. You might be wondering how? Let me explain, people are following social distancing and performing every task at their home, whether it is working from home, virtual meetings, online classes, live yoga sessions, cooking classes, connecting with people, etc. It all has become possible only because of the Smartphones. If everyone will use the Smartphone in an effective and efficient way, then it will be a blessing for them. You can not only socialize virtually but also in reality.

Earlier parents were scolding their children to avoid using mobile phones but now they have no other option because they can’t go outside for studying which is more important. As a parent, I am also giving them permission to use Smartphones for a while, to attend online classes. Smartphones have always proved to be a blessing for human beings and it only becomes harmful when people misuse them. So today we have an app in our court which will act as your buddy and socialize while distancing! It’s known as “Toodls, which has been offered by MaGlobe, Inc. and is compatible with the Android as well as iOS devices!

Toodls is your go-to-app where you can join or host events for virtual and in-person activities. Just make sure that you always have something to do. You can find events and activities in different categories such as sporting activities, education, health and fitness, hobbies, etc. You can connect with new people having similar hobbies and interests. First of all, you need to create groups such as private and public groups. You can interact with the like-minded people in public groups and create private groups for your family or friends and manage events and invites easily. Then, you can post events and activities in the group and manage who you want or don’t want at the event. Moreover, you can schedule the date and time and set number of participants. Similarly, if you are a participant, you can join and attend events of your choice of activity and availability. You will receive event Reminder notifications as well!

With Toodls, you will be able to browse upcoming events hosted by experts in the field. You can join unlimited events as well as create unlimited events. You can schedule your events as per your choice and host by posting your activities. It’s not necessary that you join an activity related to your hobby, you can try something new and enjoy a new hobby, connect with like-minded people around you. If you are attending an event, you can invite your contacts to those events and make more connections. There are virtual events, in-person activities where you can invite your family and friends and connect with new people as well. The app is available for free on the app store and premium subscription@ $ 9.99 for a year

Overall, Toodls is a great app to use for socializing. You can effortlessly manage your social calendar and grow your audience. It’s a great chance for you to showcase your talents and expertise by hosting leisure, professional, learning or charitable events. So start connecting now and have fun!

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