Trade from Anywhere Using MetaTrader 5

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Platform : iPhone
Rating : 4
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Meta Trader 5 has been one of the most popular and trusted software trading platforms used by FOREX traders and enthusiasts for many years now. This software trading platform has now been made available to iPhones and iPad’s with the basic notion to make trading even more accessible and easier than ever. This app has been developed and launched by Meta Quotes Software Corp. MetaTrader 5 brings to you essential real-time data from the highly volatile stock market right to your phones. Users can experience the market trading conditions in real time at the instant they take place.

Features and Benefits

The app has an option where you can log into the application using the demo account which can be set in a matter of minutes. Then, you will be taken to a quote screen where you will get information pertaining to the real time FOREX trading data. You will be able to view symbols that you have added, information about the latest bid price, lowest bid price, highest bid price of the day, the spread, asking price and everything.  The chart screen is the next in this app where you can monitor your symbol over a period of time through the graph. The trade screen of the app allows you to place your order directly with your linked brokerage and also to track the positions of your symbols you have placed within this app.

  • The users can easily access the history of their trading operations.
  • They are provided with real time quotes for any kind of financial instruments.
  • The trade orders include full set and pending orders.
  • There is an additional support for the depth of the market and also for the extended authorization.
  • The app provides support for all type of modes of execution.
  • All the charts are real time interactive charts.
  • The app has more than thirty technical indicators which will help you to analyze the market condition.
  • The app also provides services while you are offline, for instance, in the form of push notifications.
  • You can also receive push notifications from the desktop terminals and from the MQL5 community services.
  • The app has an exclusive Cross Hair mode feature which allows you to view a specific price for a specific date when selected from the chart.
  • The app is available in more than 10 languages.
  • The other additional features in the app include displaying the OHLC prices on the charts, feature to change your account password, and a data window which allows you to view the values of the indicators.


MetaTrader 5 is a very helpful app for FOREX traders and all other users who are interested in learning and keeping themselves updates on changes in the stock market. This app can be downloaded for free from the App store.

Good – This app provides detailed information in the charts.

Bad – There can be more information on the commodities as well.

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