Tricky Towers-iPhone App Review

by Jun 25, 20160 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Marcus Dobler
Rating : 4
Positives : graphics, fun
Negatives : none

Do you remember in Threes ? Meanwhile, it is to the well-known puzzle game become quieter, forgotten I’ll probably never. In Threes blocks had to be combined with each other to ever increasing numbers, until the playing field is full and no new combinations are possible. In this game-play, the new Tricky Towers sets , but it comes at the new release into the air.


The Download Tricky Towers is free, universal app for iPhone and iPad is even only 22 MB and can be easily installed in order from the mobile data network. After one is started with an interactive, present in German Introduction in the game, one has the choice between two modes: continuous and missions.

The Endless mode is relatively self-explanatory, especially since the developer reveals already in the description of Tricky Towers “. Build in Endless Mode your Mega Tower without time pressure and without limiting the available plays” Before taking the huge tower in attack, I recommend, however, only a look at the 80 missions in Tricky Towers because they start with a very low degree of difficulty and are therefore perfectly suited for beginners.


The controller is same in both modes: With a finger swipe from left to right or vice versa is allowed to rotate the playing field, and then move all the blocks in the desired direction with a wiper up or down.Meeting this two equal blocks each other, they merge into a larger block. then one connects the new tower with another equally large tower, there is another floor upwards.

Tricky Towers is funded through in-app purchases. For 99 cents to 2.99 euros, those are quite humane sums, there are so-called “blocks”. This may be used for making a train undo or destroy a single tower. In principle, one can thus achieve a higher score. Free hand different colors for the blocks, which can be selected from the main menu are.


For a round in endless mode you should definitely bring a lot of time. On your first attempt, you may managed just to outdo the previous world record, as always examine new combinations. Compared to Threes I would rate the level of difficulty as slightly lower, but this is definitely not a criticism. Tricky Towers can be played completely relaxed and is perfect as a quiet conversation after work. -The Bavarian indie developer Marcus Dobler App Store has published. However, it turns not about numbers, but about three-dimensional towers that you have to stack up in the greatest possible heights. On a four by four fields big game you can move by simple wiper white and purple blocks. Pushes her case superimposed two blocks of the same height, these piled on to an even higher tower. It presents the game in 3 D. Sweeping her sideways across the screen, it turns the game to make it as to look at you from all sides. Sweeping her other hand vertically, it pushes all the blocks in the game together in exactly this direction.

CONS-However, it may be difficult for you to play the game at first as you don’t get much of the instructions and the main objective of the game may not be clear due to it’s complicity.It also might take a few days to get handy with the controller and set a huge score.
Despite all the cons it is an amazing game,all the special features -The animations,sound effects,missions,the endless and the 3 dimensional effect all pools in to generate an amazing player satisfaction and a world-class game.

Worth Having App – Download the App