Tut Keyboard: Add a touch of creativity to your texts

by Jun 10, 20150 comments

Genre : Social
Platform : Android
Developer : TUT LLC
Rating : 4
Positives : Easy to use, concept
Negatives : none

Technology is advancing rapidly today. Android and mobile phones are making life simpler for us by the hour. A number of apps are being developed to simplify time-consuming tasks. What if we told you that you could type entire words and sentences with a single key touch on your keyboard? As much as it sounds like a dream, this is now possible with the Tut Keyboard, an Android app that is here to revolutionize the way you text.


Tut is an app that provides you with a graphic keyboard. You can put entire phrases, words, images and more into a single key on your keyboard. Use words, stickers, emojis, text and even photos on your keyboard. This way, you can personalize your keyboard and design one according to your own needs. Add your own photos, photos of things you love, places you visit frequently, short forms you use frequently and the like. It is compatible with all messaging apps including Facebook Messenger, LINE, Whatsapp, email, WeChat, text messages and more.


Another unique feature of this app is that it is global. You can type in various languages to break barriers of language and geographical boundaries. You can also use any language you desire to name your images. This is an easy and effective way to learn a new language or even teach yours to another person.


Tut organizes your keyboard in the form of the Tut pyramid. Each item you add to your keyboard in called a Tut Glyph. These are further arranged hierarchically for ease of use and access. Images can be quickly added from your gallery or downloads via the Plus button. Renaming, moving and adding keys are extremely easy too. All you have to do is to drag one key over another. With just 3 touches, you can access thousands of Glyphs. You can arrange all your images in the form of folders and subfolders. And then add names to your stickers, images and Glyphs. If you wish to access the traditional keyboard, the Keyboard key in the Tut Keyboard allows you to send plain text messages too. You only need to get creative and add some splash of fun and color to your keyboard and text messages. This app will provide you all the support you require.

This app is compatible with all Android devices having Android 4.0 or higher versions. Developed by TUT, LLC, the app is still pending a patent for its breath-taking advancement in technology. The app is very light, requiring only 9.2MB of memory space. There are a number of packs available as in-app purchases in the Glyph Store on the Google Play Store. The first time you install and load the app, it takes about 30 seconds to load all the data. After that, the app is compatible with all your messaging apps and is extremely fun and easy to use. Working with the app is very simple and adds a unique touch of creativity to your text messages. Tut Keyboard is one of those apps that you cannot miss whatsoever.

Good: Easy to use

Bad: Initial load time is a little long

Worth HAving App – Download the App