Twirlaloop Slots : Give Twirlaloops and go !

by May 23, 20150 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Tony Suriyathep
Rating : 4
Positives : speed, screens
Negatives : none

New Beginnings

It did not take an enterprising person to come up with a perfect solution to getting gaming more accessible to the masses using the new Apple Watch as a platform.

Twirlaloop Slots has been available for the IPhone, and now it works as seamlessly on the new Apple Watch. But back to the IPhone for a quick review.


What Twirlaloops Looks Like

What it looks like is, exactly like the video screen on a real slot machine. Only a one word description, in my humble opinion, is required. Unbelievable. Hold the IPhone in front and start to play. There is only one big drawback, and that is, Twirlaloop is unbelievably addictive.

Never having played with Twirlaloops before, loading it into my IPhone was a huge mistake. I am hooked.


What Is Twirlaloops?

Twirlaloops is a slot game suited for the IPhone and now the Apple Watch. Reading one review with the Apple Watch as the platform, the writer said, “This game is sick.” He then went on to explain that it worked fantastically, and he was also addicted. Looks like the same problem for the two of us, on two separate platforms. So, beware, this game is “sick”.

Red Sevens

Twirlaloops includes three games. There is “Red Sevens” which is the pure slot game that you play only the odds. The Sevens, the cherry and Bars spinning quickly take those who have been to a bricks and mortar casino back to those times. The only thing missing are the sounds of a real casino, but I am willing to give that up for the fun of playing Twiraloop Red Sevens.


Diamond Mine

The second game is Diamond Mine. It is described by the developer as a game where you “pick through three rounds of three diamonds to find the coveted 100X Diamond”. The game has horseshoes, stars, gold bars and diamonds for the screen symbols, and I did not feel like I had any horseshoes until somehow, I hit the coveted diamond bonus. My coins rocketed from, a few in the bottom of my bucket, to almost 4,000. The horseshoe showed up at just the right time.

Fruit Frenzy

I do not like fruit, and I do not know if I like this game or not. I needed to get to a Level 7 in the other games to unlock the game to play. The two cherries looked inviting, but only able to hit Level 5, this third game will just have to wait for another day.

Where the Game Gets You

The game gets you in the pocketbook. The first rounds of play last as long as the free coins you get for being a first-time player. After those had run out, I was given the options of buying a pack of 12,000 coins for $1.99 or at various numbers to 7,777,777 coins for $99.99.

The Results

It is terrible. I am going to have to buy some coins, as I want to play. I am hooked, and it is my fault. The developer has done a masterful job with the quality of this game, the speed it plays at, and the realism it delivers.

Give Twirlaloops and go, but be ready to put down some money to bag some coin.

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