What U See App: Live Mobile Streaming Across Globe Anywhere

by Sep 27, 20160 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : What You See Ltd
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, graphics, simple
Negatives : none

What U See App- Introduction

It is time to go live by getting an amazing live video stream from a location-based app. A chance to interact with different broadcasters and other users from all over the world is presented by the perfectly designed What U See app. Truly, there is great fun associated with this recently updated app that has highly improved its features to give its users fantastic moments as they explore the world in real time. Getting a chance to capture live beautiful sceneries, attractive historical sites and even live happenings around the world is absolutely worth taking. Interestingly, this entire live stream is facilitated through on-demand access via a compatible mobile device at convenient location.

How the What U See App functions

The entire operation of this app is pretty simple to undertake with the aid of a strong interface that has been integrated. In order to locate desired location, the in-built map can be used. The next process involves identifying other users around the identified location and then one can proceed to establish connection. This will facilitate live video stream that is of high quality and in real time. There are broadcasters that one can communicate with (and even get real time feedback) in order to get the best angle or orientation of the view. After the video streaming is over, such videos can be archived and later shared with friends! The user can also proceed to rate different broadcasters depending on how the entire experience was!



In relation to the compatible devices that function well with this app, the user will discover that the recommended ones are iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. Meanwhile, in relation iOS, the preferred one is iOS 8.0 or any latest version in the market.

Distinct Features Found in What U See App

Join Live Broadcast from Selected location

Once an individual have been able to zoom or drag the map, one can be able to easily locate other What U See users. The next step will involve clicking on the “Connect” button in order to join live broadcasts from the selected location. Besides, one can make subscription to receive notifications from different live broadcasts from preferred locations. Besides, the user can efficiently manage different subscriptions under “My Subscriptions” option.

View and manage archived broadcasts

In order to view different archived broadcast from different selected areas, the user will be required to just click the “Play” button and start enjoying them. Besides, this fantastic What U See App has integrated a component that allows an individual to manage different saved broadcast under the “My Videos” option on the menu.

Share the saved broadcast with friends

This is a unique opportunity that allows the user to comfortably share different archived broadcast with friends and other What U See users. Besides, after sharing, one can be able to see the number of views and likes made on such a broadcast. Additionally, such broadcasts can also be shared on different social media platforms to let other people experience such great fascination.


Initiate active broadcast!

After rising through different community ranks offered to reach the Explorer rank, the user is allowed to get easy access to anyone in the What U See community. This can offer an opportunity for one to become a broadcaster and share camera and different broadcasts with other What U See users. This would absolutely stimulate great interaction!

Enjoy the Anonymous identity while broadcasting

This feature has been incorporated to ensure that the entire live broadcasting session is safe and secure to boost user’s privacy. Thus, with the presence of anonymous feature, this ensures that one s comfortable and has peace of mind during the live broadcast. Despite of the app taking location identity, the personal information of the user still remains disclosed.

Pros and Cons identified in the What U See App:


· High privacy level during broadcast

· Great experience from fantastic features

· Amazing interaction with broadcasters

· Quick sharing of broadcasts

· Instant notifications from subscribed locations


· Slow response in low area network locations

· Infrequent when not updated

Final Verdict

In summary, What U See App has proven to be an exceptional tool in live stream broadcasting and in social networking. With its combined features and integration of a perfect interface for communication, this has created a great link between users and broadcasters. This has made the entire process simple and intuitive. It is an app that offers the best to the user thus a must recommend! Download it now on App Store for free!

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