Ubirimi : A Manager’s Choice

by Jan 27, 20140 comments

Genre : Office
Platform : Web
Developer : Ubirimi
Rating : 4.5
Positives : clean interface with separate sections,unlimited user accounts
Negatives : None


If you’ve ever worked in an industry, then you generally don’t interact with your manager directly. For example, if you want to submit a report to an issue, you won’t be meeting him in his cabin. The manager himself has a lot of work to do. Also, you need to tell every other team member about that. Knocking at every door is not an option. So what you do is update that issue in your company’s internal Software which is accessible to every team mate including the manager who keeps an eye on every activity and has the permissions to include or remove any person from the team. You’ll find a different Software in each company as everyone has its own priorities. But most of them have the same problem that they’re all too much sophisticated and the dashboard is too much messed up to get used to for a manager. But it would have been very much simpler if it was divided into separate sections and that’s what Ubirmi has done.

Ubirmi is a web based application which allows multiple users to collaborate on different projects. It’s divided into five different sections: Yongo, Agile, Documentador, Svn and Events. The simple advantage of using multiple sections is that the interface is much cleaner and user friendly.

Yongo is the dashboard where you can take a look at all the issues, the projects you’ve been working on, the tasks assigned to you, etc. You can also see a graph of all the resolved and total issues coming each month. If you have an issue, just create it defining the problem and assign it to any of the team member. You can also share the issue with others and comment on it if you have some suggestions. Agile works as the planner and helps you to arrange all the issues, defects and tasks so that you can take them one by one.

Documentador, as the name suggests is the tool to create new content. You can add piece of text, pictures, and videos and share them with your team members on the home page of your company. So if you have any new update or achievement, you can share it easily with everyone. Svn is the server which allows you to include unlimited number of users in a project. As a manager, you enjoy the full rights whether it’s about controlling the access to confidential data or giving permissions to individual team members.

The calendar feature is also there in the Events section so that you can set reminders to any upcoming events. You will be notified via email and you can also share this with others concerned to make sure no one forgets.

The app comes with a free trial for 90 days. The paid subscription package starts from $10/month and goes up to $1000/month depending upon the number of users. You can also check out their demo which requires no sign up and allows a quick tour through all the features.

Pros: clean interface with separate sections; unlimited user accounts; import data from online services for your content; free trial for 90 days.

Cons: none.

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