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Genre : Office
Platform : Web
Developer : Undiffer
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Finding tools that don’t require extensive training and help get the job done faster is a godsend for a new team. Undiffer can be used to macro-manage and track progress without investing in expensive software. You can engage and manage your teams and tasks with a simple app. Manage your daily standups more efficiently and effectively, a-sync or in real-time.

Communicate, gauge, and actively engage your team members in a way that reduces the number of sheets, tools, and voice/video calls while giving them a concise overview of the project.

Why Should You Use A Standup Tool?

Get rid of long meetings and other distractions. Here’s why Undiffer needs shorter online updates:

People Are Frequently Late

  • As a result, the meeting runs late, as does everyone’s day!

Someone Begins a Rant

  • Always, as a result, everyone is forced to listen to problems that are irrelevant to them.

Teams Are Becoming More Dispersed

  • It is, therefore, critical to have tools for time zone and location agnostic a-sync check-ins.

Increasing the Focus of High-tech Teams

Daily Check-ins

At the start of each workday, organize your thoughts. Undiffer provides teams with a quick and easy view of everyone’s daily workload, eliminating the need for time-consuming standups.

Checklists of Status

There is no need for a standup meeting or a separate to-do list! Isn’t that fantastic? When you add tasks to Undiffer, they are converted into a daily checklist!

Check-ins Again

Did you forget to enter a task, or were you assigned one after the standup? Undiffer allows users to revise their task list quickly and gives managers insights into what changed.

Mood Monitoring

You can get a sense of everyone’s mood without them saying anything. Understanding how everyone on the team feels is essential so that stress levels and workloads can be normalized and productivity can be maximized.

Weekly Updates

Keep track of the number of check-ins, tasks, and blockers over a month, week, or custom date range. Identify work patterns, identify annoying bottlenecks, and assist your team in improving over time.

The Advantages of Using a Centralized Standup Tool

Encourage a Transparent Culture

Undiffer teams can make informed decisions and take ownership of their tasks because everyone has shared access.

Improve Your Daily Planning For Yourself and Your Team

Undiffer users can keep a close eye on the team’s daily, weekly, and overall performance thanks to the streamlined progress tracking and status updates.

Final Words

Undiffer’s asynchronous updates and simple steps make it easy to track what’s going on with any team at any time.

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