UserStats- A Sneak Peek to Your User Stats

by Feb 18, 20140 comments

Genre : Internet | Tools
Platform : Web
Rating : 4
Positives : Easy to use, pricing scheme
Negatives : None


Humans have the innate tendency to mimic what those around them are doing. We want to be a part of the crowd and feel a sense of belonging. It is but natural for us to follow what the majority is doing. It is this psychology that forms the underlying basis of the webapp UserStats. As humans take cues from what their peers are doing, this site shows users how your site is being used by others.

What is interesting is the methodology used by UserStats to accomplish this task. While social proof is available for content on social networks, this site extends it to businesses. In simpler terms, it shows the number of tweets, likes and posts about your site as a sidebar. This tells the world how a business is being used by others for their benefit, convincing them to try it out too. It shows the world what your users are doing to convert visitors into customers.

While a number of websites already have user reviews and comments, they are not very effective. Nonetheless, before choosing a product, most people make it a point to read up reviews about them. By providing them with these reviews on your own site, the benefits are indeed mutual. The key element is to make your business’ social proof visible to visitors.

If you are unsure about this app, then there is a widget demo to help you make up your mind. All you have to do to preview it is enter your URL on their website. It will then start tracking your users and display results on your site in no time. The results are quite visible in the form of increased conversion rates.

One of the enticing features of UserStats is its pricing scheme. You pay as per your traffic volume and get full features and functionality of this app. Also, the customer service and reliability of this app is very high. Client satisfaction is one of their prime criteria. If you have the fear of losing your stats, then this site has a solution to this as well. All statistics are kept highly confidential and safe by encasing it with numerous security layers. Data loss is prevented by regular double-layered backups on an hourly basis.

The aim of UserStats is not to make your site what it is not. It aims to make your site more business friendly by telling users how it has benefited present users. All stats provided by the site are manually verified to help you gain the complete trust of your customers. Unlike other statistics, none of the data is cooked up or falsified to make your site look popular. This is where the strength of this app lies.

If you have a business that you wish to bring to the notice of the public, UserStats is a handy tool indeed. Proving your popularity in an online business is quite a tedious task and this site makes it as easy as it can possibly get for you. It is surely worth trying for online businesses

Good: Easy to use, pricing scheme

Bad: None

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