Valkyrie- Restore the Fallen Warrriors to Peace

by Aug 20, 20130 comments

Platform : Android
Developer : Bifrost Studios
Rating : 4
Positives : Excellent graphics and soundtrack
Negatives : The game requires a few bug fixes and crashes often.

Bitfrost Studios, a burgeoning game and mobile application developer, recently announced the launch of its new Android app Valkyrie. A good deal of excitement was seen among both the developers and app lovers as the app was rolled out to the public. You have to strap on your running shoes as you take over the role of Valkyrie, an adventurous futuristic nomad who has been chosen to deliver the souls of fallen warriors to the hall of Valhalla, where they shall rest in peace.

This games takes you to your wits’ end as you have to coordinate your eyes and hands as you navigate ten misleading maps as you deliver souls along your route. There are superbly cute animations and any levels to test your skills. The key to this game is quick reflexes put together with a strategy to guide you on. This first person game shall push your wits to its maximum limits indeed.


Valkyrie eschews the dreary monotonous ‘run, jump and duck’ gameplay, replacing it with a new simpler one. The gameplay is both sophisticated and evolved stylistically so as to pump up your adrenaline levels. All turns are made automatically. All you have to do is swipe downwards to glide and swipe upwards to jump. Besides jumping, you are also required to activate or deactivate numerous barriers and platforms to carve out a path to run.  It makes use of a 3D version, adding a whole new dimension to runner games. This, combined with the first person perspective, gives it a unique touch indeed.

You need the right reflexes at the right time in order to complete this game. With the right estimate of when to glide, jump, turn the obstacles off, turn the colored lines on and more Time your reflexes right and you can complete all the 10 stages on the level mode. Each level bins a whole new set of challenges with the need to make quick decisions. Think logically and solve problems in no time as Valkyrie will not wait for you else.

There are two modes- endless run and level mode.  Once you complete the 10 levels on the level mode, try your hand at the endless run mode too. In the endless run mode, a random platform tests how long you can run for. Again, reflexes and alertness are of prime importance as this mode tests your skills of fortitude.

The highlight of this game is its design and features. The mystical ancient stunning visual display along with its lighting effects of day, dusk and night are indeed splendid. It is sure to get you hooked in no time at all. The cinematic effect of the sound effects and soundtrack has been well thought over.

If you think you have the strategy, timing and reflexes to take on the onerous task of a Valkyrie, then this game is surely worth all that it has to offer. The original soundtrack helps the mood set in, making the app worth its price of $1.99.

Good: Excellent graphics and soundtrack

Bad: The game requires a few bug fixes and crashes often.

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