Vector HD : Engaging, Challenging and Simple Arcade Fun

by Dec 3, 20120 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad
Developer : Nekki Ltd
Rating : 4.5
Positives :
Negatives :


Vector HD is truly spectacular and creative an action arcade app for your iPad. You can make the most of the potential of parkour on your iPad with this app developed by Nekki. There is so much challenge that you will never lose interest, so much to run that you will never want to stop and controls so simple that you will be taken in awe.

This iPad app does an excellent job of a parkour simulator on your iPad. This gives it a unique edge over most of the usual other running games like Temple Run, which merely involve jogging. You no longer have your character running in a 2D flat way but will have it being hurtled around. If you wish t survive the levels, your timing for the jumps must be just perfect and your moves executed smoothly and smartly. The game is merciless with you as there is an assailant following your character close behind, one who is unwilling to slow down even for a bit. You basically have to get a good control of the moves and master the combinations.

When played on the iPad, this app has a breathtakingly gorgeous look with its unique use of silhouettes drawn with vector appeal. Its like an old gae that has been revamped with many new features to play around with and a modern touch added to it. The levels are so designed that they are challenging enough to keep you going but not too challenging for you to give up. Overall, the graphics and design have been done very well indeed.

Vector HD is available on the Apple app store for $1.99 for download. This price is slightly more than what the app deserves but is worth the value, fun and challenge that the app provides you with. There is a great amount of content, graphics that are spectacular, controls that are simple, a concept that will leave you asking for more and enough challenge to keep you glued for hours on end, without you getting the slightest clue so as to when time passed. If you like athletic concept based parkour games, or like arcade games to keep you engaged, then Vector HD is what you need. It is highly recommended for action lovers and is sure to satisfy your demand for action, challenge, entertainment and fun, while keeping you engaged for a good while.

Good: Excellent graphics and concept

Bad: Nothing found.

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