View and Edit PDF Files on a Mac Using Movavi PDF Editor

by Oct 4, 20170 comments

Genre : Tools
Platform : Mac
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Rating : 4
Positives : easy to use, simple, UI
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Nowadays PDF files are used for a variety of different purposes, including eBooks, scanned documents, brochures, and a whole range of other types of content. The reason for its popularity is simple: It is a versatile, cross-platform format that preserves and displays layouts perfectly.

The one qualm people often have with PDF files however is that they can’t be edited easily. Most PDF viewers on Macs have few (if any) editing features, and while there are some free editors out there they are often less than ideal.  Simply put if you want to be able to both view and edit PDF files on a Mac however, your best bet is Movavi PDF Editor for Mac.

In contrast to other editors you may have tried, Movavi PDF Editor for Mac has a much more comprehensive set of features. It can view PDF files as well as JPG and PNG image formats, and can open different instances in tabs to allow for easier editing.

The features in Movavi PDF Editor for Mac encompass a wide range of tools that will give you the means to edit PDF files in any way you see fit. Not only can you update the content of existing PDF files, but you can also add new pages of content, merge PDF documents together, or convert documents and projects from Word, Excel, AutoCAD or Photoshop into PDF format to include them as well.

Whether you choose to add new pages to a PDF or not, Movavi PDF Editor for Mac will also let you rotate pages so that they are the right orientation, rearrange the order that pages appear in, or remove any pages that aren’t required. In other words you could not only compile PDF files, but also extract pages from existing documents and save them as a standalone PDF file.

Naturally Movavi PDF Editor for Mac can save documents or pages in PDF format, but it can also save them in JPG or PNG. In short you will be able to convert JPG or PNG images to PDF, or vice versa if you choose to do so.

As you can see Movavi PDF Editor for Mac is a capable editor, and its features will likely outstrip any other editor you’ve used in the past. Rest assured while it may have numerous features it is still intuitive and easy to use, and you should try it out if you want to be able to edit PDF documents.