VIPole Secure Messenger : Truly an Amazing App

by Oct 30, 20150 comments

Platform : Android
Rating : 4
Positives : secure, features, UI, easy to use
Negatives : none

This is a secure instant messenger app for android devices which allows you to send and receive encrypted messages, files, and photos and also make video calls. The app strongly encrypts instant text messages, voice calls, and group chats so that no third party or even the service provider is able to listen to your conversations and tap into a file or message. VIPole messenger is generally a secure messaging app powered by strong encryption technologies which completely guards your privacy, sensitive confidential communications and files from prying eyes and surveillance efforts.

Basically, the messenger completely removes the need for complex software with security options and typically deals with all the encryption mechanisms and backend processing seamlessly, leaving you to concentrate on an inconspicuous messaging experience.


VIPole Secure Messenger features

It offers a wide range of features for the security conscious by allowing the user to make free video and voice calls via the platform;

  • � The app has different types of accounts: professional, free, and business which offer tiered plans and varying feature set for different user needs.
  • � Free version of the app has essential features providing strong to end encryption
  • � Professional versions offers some enhanced security extensions such as editing and deleting message history, auto logout, auto delete messages, encrypted data storage, and fake secret phrase.
  • � App offers a password manager which is built in to the app to help keep passwords safe and secure. Once you have registered for a VIPole account, you’ll also create a secret key password in addition to the normal password that cannot be forgotten or retrieved if you do.


Pros of the App

  • � You can send strongly encrypted text messages, images and files to your contacts.
  • � You can also send messages to offline users or delay sending of your messages when you have no internet connection.
  • � Chat history stored is encrypted and synchronized between all connections.
  • � Allows you to make free voice calls and video calls to VIPole users worldwide.
  • � Supports group messaging plus many other ancillary features
  • � Allows editing and deleting of sent messages, changing voice during the call, viewing other self-connections to the server, closing the application remotely, locking or closing the application when idle


Great user interface but paradoxically unintuitive in areas.To some extent misleading on the subject of total encryption sell


VIPole Messenger is truly an amazing app with an easy to use interface; allowing users to add contacts in a breeze manner. It only requires users to have their unique VIPole ID. The communication options after user’s contact list is populated and the user is afterwards enabled to exchange media and video calling within minutes, all securely encrypted. In fact setting a conversation is very easy too. With the password manager built in the app, users can keep their passwords very safe and secure. Additionally, VIPole is even transparent about the backend encryption, ensuing confidence in the app with the industry leading algorithms which are used for journey leaving you completely confident that all your data is secured.

Worth Having App – Download the App