Be a Virtual Director with Moviemaze

by Nov 3, 20130 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4.5
Positives : Good video quality, interactive
Negatives : none

There are so many times when you are watching a movie and you do not like the way it ends or the twists that it takes at certain scenes. Oftentimes, we have all wished we could change it and make it better than it is. If you think you have the skill to write your own storylines and make movies, then here is a platform for you. Moviemaze, an iOS app allows you to add a new storyline to a movie as per your whim.

Developed by Moviemaze Ltd., this new app helps you bring out and discover your directorial skills. Bring the whole movie under your own unique direction and create a whole new twist. The movies in the app have been developed by the developers of the app. New stories are being released with time, each with a unique innovative storyline for you to improvise upon. Superb cast and acting has been provided to you. All you have to do is to direct them in the best manner to make it splendid.


The app allows you to become a virtual director and work with actors to create your won masterpieces. There are many interesting twists to choose between. All you have to do is to decide the story with simple touches on your screen. Once you install the app, the fun gets started.

The storylines in the movies are both enterprising and engaging. They keep you hooked on till the very end. You literally have the story at your fingertips and can make it go every which way you want. Based on the theme you choose, you can give various endings to it.

The quality of the app is commendable. The video quality is very good and provides you with an excellent visual experience. The actors in the movies are real actors so that you get a realistic feel of what it is like to work with real actors. As it is interactive, it is sure to keep you engaged for a good while. The storylines of the videos are innovative and lot of fun. Besides, the graphics are really good and so is the sound quality. It almost brings the movie to life.

When you actually set out to create your own movie, then is when you realize how entertaining it can be. You can do almost anything you like and have the reins in your hands. It is entirely upto you to make it unparalleled and fun to watch. If you think you have what it takes and can be a good director, then this app is worth giving a shot to.

At present, Moviemaze is available for free in the app store. However, it is expected to become a paid app soon. Although optimized for the iPhone 5, it is just as good with other Mac devices including iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. It is compatible with iOS 6.0 and higher. As the app is new to the market, it is still being updated with a lot of interesting videos. Nonetheless, it has gathered a good customer base that is predicted to expand in the future.

Good: Good video quality, interactive

Bad: None

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