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Genre : Networking
Platform : Web
Developer : Visitorz
Rating : 4.6
Positives :
Negatives : is a Touchless visitor management system that allows you to manage the data of your visitors. It is simple for visitors to check in by scanning the QR code. Do say no to the traditional book and pen visitor list, and avoid using paper. is a visitor management application that automates visitor information collection. Consider it a digital check-in system that could replace the traditional pen and paper registration process.

Key Features of

Check-in via QR code is instant.

  • Registering your visitors without the need for paperwork is simple and quick. OTP-based authentication simplifies and accelerates the process.

Real-time and emergency notifications

  • You can receive all notifications in real-time. You will be notified when there are visitors, existing details, or security violations.

Multiple locations are managed centrally.

  • A central dashboard allows all necessary actions to be taken in one location. It can also be accessed from a variety of locations.

Software that integrates seamlessly

  • The system easily integrates with software or APIs and access control systems to improve physical and information security.

Data storage that is secure

  • You have complete control over your quality data with our visitor management system. Your visitors’ information will be accessible only to authorized personnel.

Cloud computing software

  • The cloud-based system permits you to work from anywhere while remaining secure. There is no risk of data loss due to hardware or software failure.

There Is No Hardware Required

Start printing out the QR code that uniquely identifies your location, and the Management system will handle the rest! Use advanced features, such as expiry dates, to ensure your QR code is not misused.

Insightful Reports That Inspire Better Business Decisions

  • At A Glance: All of Your Important Data
  • Visitors are managed through a single desk.
  • Track Visit Timing and a Log Book
  • Monitor Your Employees’ In/Out Report
  • Event/Seminar/Exhibition Management
  • Management of Workspace Permissions

Final Words

With – a visitor management system, customers can meet compliance requirements while providing an exceptional visitor experience. is determined to find the best solutions to fundamental business problems by eliminating time-consuming administrative tasks and facilitating workplace security and efficiency.

Web App: Visitorz