Voice Recorder HD: Easy Way to Record Voice

by Apr 19, 20140 comments

Platform : Android
Developer : EAPPS PRO
Rating : 4.5
Positives :
Negatives : None

With hectic work schedules, professionals are constantly beginning to use voice memos to save time. However, this means that they have to carry an additional voice recorder, adding to their baggage. Also, the quality of sound is not assured. Voice Recorder HD, an Android app developed by EAPPS.PRO, comes to their rescue.


With Voice Recorder HD, you do not need to carry an external voice recorder. Your Android device will perform this function, without any interference to your regular tasks. Your phone is neither engaged and nor are any activities hampered while recording. It provides HD quality recording, thereby allowing usage in recording songs, conversations and other audio content. It provides support for all operating systems so that you do not face any issues while playing back your recordings. Support is available for Linux, Mac, Windows and many more operating systems.

One of the handy features of this app is that it you can configure the quality of audio as per your requirements. Voice memos require minimal quality while song recordings require high quality audio. You can also include an external microphone if you would like to record sounds from a long distance. The audio quality can be conveniently adjusted from the settings. Low quality is 8 KHz, high is 44.1 KHz and medium id 22.05 KHz. The storage space will vary as per the quality of your audio.

The recording quality does not deteriorate as you increase the time of recording. The sound quality is maintained throughout the recording. From experimentation, it has been shown to work for upto two hours at a stretch. The app runs in the background even while you are using your Android device to do some additional work. You are not required to close any other work in order to use this app.


To make the recorded audios easily accessible, you can directly upload them to your drop box right from the app. Alternately, you can also transfer these audio files onto your PC, laptop or any other device via a USB cable. Hence, you don’t have to limit your recorded files to your Android device alone. This app also has sharing options. Files recorded can be shared with other apps and also through email.

The only requirement for this app is Android version 4.0 or higher. The present version requires 1.3MB space on your device. There are in-app purchases for Playback speed control, audio visualiser, trimming and other editing options. Each of these add-ons are available for 6p.

The simplicity of this app, together with its usefulness is what makes it so popular. The user interface is highly intuitive and easy to use. The black background with a variety of options gives it a simplistic feel despite having all the necessary features. The output is in the form of a .wav file, which is easily portable on almost any device. Long distance recording is also available as an option through the use of an external microphone. With background recording and sharing options, you could not ask for more from a recording app.

Good: Configuration of audio quality

Bad: None

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