Voico : Free Calling app with Best Features

by May 28, 20160 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Voico Inc
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, free calls
Negatives : limited countries

VOICO is a free calling application that has been designed for international calls. Ironically the application is functional for free calls only in three countries i.e. Canada, United States and Mexico. The application is available for download in all countries however free calling is limited to these three regions.


The application is pretty simple to download and use. Basic notifications are the first thing that is observed over the usage of the microphone is asked for permission. Another permission that the application asks for before any further usage is to access the contacts for matching on VOICO server. Thus indicating that the VOICO has a centralized approach and can look up in the designated database or server to find people that are in your contacts and might be using VOICO for calling and connecting purposes


The application requires an account set up on VOICO before it can be used. As simple as it may sound VOICO does the account sign up for you by using intelligent operations. It recognizes your country, adds the country code and sends a message to your number for code verification and as simple as that an account has been for VOICO and it is completely free of cost or any other charges.

The application is primarily a one step forward to connecting businesses over the internet. VOICO offers absolutely free calls and video chatting options and the system information and processing is very fast. The VOICO application specializes in quality of voice, audio and video. The claims are made on the basis of noise reduction algorithms deployed to cut down the voice noise and deliver best attributed and quality hearing standards.

Many businesses now-a-days are functioning from remote locations and people are always travelling for better opportunities across the country to expand business and to initiate the quality of business standards. VOICO is one application that has provided any time free video calling between businesses. It has relevantly decreased the distances without any disruptions and noise in audio.


The application also has the capabilities of text messaging. Thus people, friends, families and businesses can connect with this application and share their details and message each other from different parts of the world. Text messaging has become a common concept over the internet however VOICO has introduced state of the art translation facilities. This feature is a manual on and manual off. Thus there are no more language barriers now all people from different countries and different languages can connect with each other and send message s in preferred languages and read them in language of their choice.

This application is a recommended download. The application is available on both android and iPhone application store for free downloads. The application is a new way to connect in various languages and the company aims to provide live stream translation of languages and subtitles thus Natural language processing during video chatting and video calling is the next big idea from VOICO to connect more people and to make communication, business and connections more easy.

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