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Genre : Games
Platform : Web
Developer : wealth words
Rating : 4
Positives : fun games, UI, various games
Negatives :

Get puzzling in the best possible way! A very interesting game is available for all lovers of puzzling words. No matter where you are, this game brings excitement to people all over the world. It is no wonder why Wealth Words gets so much popularity. It is simple to play and easy to navigate through. Here are some basics of the game.
Finding the right word

Once you start playing the game, you can notice how interesting it is. You have 1 hour to complete the puzzle. It is usually enough time to finish the game. You have adequate clues that are available in every moment. Clues are sometimes easier and sometimes harder. It depends on your overall knowledge. For some players, the clues are simple, especially if they play a lot. You will notice the same thing. If you play for longer, the solutions come easier to your mind and you can solve the puzzle very fast. The best part is that the game never gets boring. It always comes with interesting clues, so the words can be tricky. Sometimes, you can find yourself thinking about the specific word for 15 minutes. Only one letter might be complicated and that is the time for some deep resolution. Combine, transform, go back and forward, try to find the right word. The options are numerous, but there is only one solution. It is up to you to find it. Once you find the word, you will see the green light. Whoala! It is the color you want to see. Green column is the sign of the right word. You will be more than happy to get this green column.


When it comes to good sides of Wealth Words, we have to mention many of them. The game is designed to meet the expectation of puzzle lovers and it is visible at the first glance. You can notice how the words are put together carefully and the logic is simple most of the times. Just solve one word and all others are easier to find. Time limit is also an advantage, especially if we consider that you have one hour for the whole puzzle. It is quite good for all players.


Just like any other game, this one has some disadvantages too. Wealth Words is made to meet the criteria of experienced players. Some words are more complicated than you can expect, which might be difficult for newcomers. It is not the perfect game for those who are new to the world of puzzling. For that reason, we can say that Wealth Words offers great satisfaction to experienced players.

Final verdict

No matter of your skill level, Wealth Words is quite interesting. Even if you are new to puzzling, you can find a lot of opportunities to build the knowledge. In any case, you can start somewhere. Maybe the best approach would be playing some other similar games with less requirements and then going to Wealth Words. After some time, you will be more skillful and the excitement will be much higher with each word you solve.

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