Weatherback Weather Wallpaper: Cool Themes !!

by Jun 11, 20150 comments

Platform : Android
Developer : aceou
Rating : 4
Positives : colorful, attractive, easy to use
Negatives : none

The weather back weather wall paper app makes your android phone look beautiful by adding realism and beauty to your current wall paper by adding new weather effects. With this app, you will never get bored by your android wall papers ever again. It does not matter if you are using stock wall papers or even custom ones. The weather back wall paper plug in works with all type of wallpapers. The tool allows you to catch the weather updates with just one glance at your smartphone. This app is easy to integrate with all android smartphones and android tablets.


Features of the app.-

Stunning weather effects- This app gives your phone wallpaper a complete make over with its stunning weather effects. When using this app, your do not have to be content with some boring wall papers on your phone anymore. It automatically adds more spice to your phones display.-Low battery consumption-Unlike other wallpaper app that drain all the life from your phones battery, this app consumes very little of your phones precious power. You will never notice the apps power consumption. Through this app, you will get to enjoy a better wallpaper experience without punishing your phones battery.-


Easy customization– Customizing the apps effects is very easy. You can use the apps settings tab to pick only the effects that you want to be displayed on your phone. On top of this, you can add your own custom effects to your wallpapers. This lets you have fun with your phone.-Random effects-This app displays the effects on a random manner without a predetermined sequence. With this app, you will never have to follow the weather, instead you will get to view the effects you want.-

Great display– This app has very great graphics, you will enjoy a very clear viewing of your weather updates on top of enhancing the look of your phone.Pros of the app.Light weight- This app is very light weight, it will not eat up your crucial phone storage.Easy to use-Using this app is easy. You just need to download it, launch the app and you are ready to go.-The app gives you complete control over your phones wallpapers. You can customize it to suit your individual tastes.This app is a great addition to your phones display. It integrates smoothly with your phones existing wallpaper and weather applications to give you a great home screen viewing experience.


The app will never use much of your phones battery so you will not have to worry about recharging your phone every now and then. You will never notice any change in your phones power consumption. On top of that, this app is easy to customize to suit your needs. The apps random effects will make it enjoyable to view your weather updates. The updates are also real-time and very accurate.You can download this app on the google play store. It is not free though but the price is reasonable compared to the upgrade the app will give your phone.

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