Website Builder – REVIEW

by May 15, 20170 comments

Platform : Android | iPhone
Rating : 4
Positives : Concept
Negatives : None

Web building always have been a difficult and annoying, because it involves programming and most people don’t like programming. So, this app built for web designing solutions.


This app is built for people to present their business and skills through website to the whole world easily. User can build their sites without a programmer services, so this is cheap and easy for creating a website. Its updates by the develop team to improve security and functionality. The thinking behind this was great that no use of computer and programming, just fill the blocks and make website to connect the online world, and show your skills and hobbies to the world.

User Interface:

This application is made to build website easily, so it provides simple layout of boxes to user to put pictures, text and other things. This helps to build a site for a person who know nothing about programming. There is availability of shortcut menu for quick and easy access to functions, refresh button to review basic functions. Clear to all kind of people for its easiest user interfaces. It has tips books to make users clearer about the website building. Has preview interface to show you the website before uploading. In short, it is user friendly application.


User Experience:

We are getting amazing reviews from the thousands of lovers of this software, they report it clean and interface and easiest to install. Users and fans of this application encouraging us to make this as much easy and effective, users are getting crazy about its new update, thousands of users install its updates and give great feedback to our update and recommended this software to the other friends. Few problems and bugs were fixed in this update, after all it has overall greatest rating of four stars from the over twelve thousand users and five star from over eight thousand users.

Worth Having App- Download the App